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Old 5th June 2018
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Originally Posted by GenLeonidas2016 View Post

But you also say that he is responsible for his siblings, who wants his dog out of the way and his wife, by the looks of it, wants OP out of the way as well. So who should he take care of, parents or siblings.?

By order of priority first he should take care of himself then his Wife/kids/parents.

After all of the above if he has any patience energy inclination left he can deal with his siblings and his pets and rest of the world.

There is no confusion.

Most fights at home happen because one is not clear about one's responsibilities and goals and is trying to keep everybody happy or is trapped by the charms of the wife's U KNOW WHAT.

Rest of the stuff i agree with u wholeheartedly. Only the person on the firing line can take the call.

One of my friends used to jokingly say that he listens to his parents during the daytime and his wife at night.


He listens and obeys his wife about everything she has to say about the N Korea situation or Iran situation or how India should deal with China or the national politics etc and rest of the things inside the home his wife listens to him.

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Old 24th June 2018
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Thank you all for your replies. Respect all your views.

My brother's wife has been living for the past 5 months in her mother's home as her office is closer there. Also because according to her my parents house does not have a normal environment.

My brother also moved in 15 days back as he said the gynaecologist advised him to stay with his wife as she is going through complications and needs her husband's support. He took all his and his wife's stuff. No issues there.

This past friday he came to visit my parents and later decided that he would like to stay over for the night. He then brought alcohol and consumed it and offered it to my father who also did so. Everything was going fine until 12 am Saturday when I heard loud voices coming from my parents room.

I went inside to find my brother accusing my father of throwing his wife out of the house and my father crying that he did not do that and only asked her parents to not come as they had threatened to break my arms.

I intervened and asked him to talk to our parents only in the morning. He kept saying stupid things, things got heated, he pushed me first, I pushed him back. He started whining about handing me over to the cops. I urged him to do so as that would lead to a blood test and everyone could know he is the one who is drunk and created this drama.

I also started video recording this antics, just when he saw me recording, he got more angry and smashed my phone, and it went dead. Just when I bent down to pick it up, he put me in a headlock and started choking me. I couldn't breathe. My mother tried to intervene but he pushed her. I got my face to his chest, then to his stomach, and bit him hard. Then he let his grip go.

He called his in laws saying I assaulted and bit him, and they all came at 3 am. I wanted to call the cops but my father requested me not to. My father also strictly told my brother's in laws not to come in this house but they still came inside and started creating drama. Also his mom in law started shouting at my father that I would tell everyone that you are beating my daughter for dowry. I called my office senior and he came to my house. He is a well built guy well over six feet two, and everyone including his in laws got a little tensed seeing him come. They promptly took my brother and left.

My parents greeted my senior and spoke at length at what happened. He advised them to take legal course and get an injunction filed in civil court against the entire family for harassment. Also advised my parents to ask my brother to not come here anymore and live with his in laws.

My parents have called an advocate and would take best course available. My father has made up his mind not to let his elder son come in this house after this attempted murder on me. My mother is in favour of the legal course but still wants to reconcile with my brother and let him live here, which I don't think will happen. His in laws, on one hand threatened my father that night. And on other hand kept sucking up to my mother as they know she has a weak spot for her son. They keep.exploiting this.

This has become an ugly ugly mess.

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Old 26th June 2018
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File an injunction in civil court asap that your life is in danger. You should have called the cops that night. Let your brother go to jail and pay for his actions. This is turning from domestic dispute to criminal overtones and if you still don't take legal actions I'm afraid something much much worse might happen.

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