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Sex Chat with Big Boob Slut Ananya

Me: So how does this work?

Ananya: Just tell me what you think about, what you'd like to do or like me to do.

Me: I'd like you to unzip my pants and pull me out. Then have you slide your hand along my length, feeling me get hard.

Ananya: So I'm working my hand along your shaft and watching you react - biting your lip, closing your eyes, throwing your head back..

Do I take you into my mouth or just tease you a bit first?

Me: Oh tease me first. You'd tease me until I can't take it any more.

Ananya: Then I'd kneel in front of you and watch your face as I give your rod some tentative, teasing kisses and licks. Hear you moan and throw your head back in pleasure; wrap my lips around the head and lick the underside.

Me: I'd have to bite my hand to stop from groaning.

Ananya: Then what do you want me to do?

Me: My fingers would tangle in your hair as you move your mouth up and down, sucking and licking on my cock.

Ananya: One hand fondling your balls, the other assisting on your shaft as I bob up to the tip.

Hearing you groan, I'd moan around a mouthful of you, the vibrations tickling you.

My knees push further apart and one hand would creep down between my legs.

Me: Mmmmm.. One of my hands would slide down to cup your breast, pinching and rubbing your nipple.

Ananya: My fingers would move a little faster in response, then move back up to your cock.

Me: I'd moan your name, thinking about you having me in your mouth while you masturbate yourself.

Ananya: As your fingers tease my hardened nipple, I move my mouth faster..

Do I let you cum in my mouth?

Me: I want you to let me.

My hand is in your hair, gripping tightly.

Ananya: I want you to cum for me.

And then I want you to bury your fingers inside me and repay the favor with hands and mouth. Before you fuck me.

Me: Oh I'd cum.

I'd have both hands in your hair, controlling your mouth as my hips buck.

Ananya: So you lean back against the wall for support and gasp noisily as you cum in my mouth.

I am dripping with excitement..

Me: Oh God, I'd cum so hard, holding your head tight and not sure I'm able to breathe..

Ananya: On shaky legs, you watch as I swallow and then clean your sensitive and slightly softened cock with my tongue, making you quiver.

.. Now what? Do I strip for you? Or are you tired and want to sleep?

Me: Mmm stripped sounds good. Show me.

Ananya: So I stand slowly, licking my lips to catch the last of your semen, and turn my back to you.

I unhook the clasp of my bra, which had already been partly pulled down by your invading hands.

Once it's unhooked I turn to face you again and slide the straps down my shoulders and then let it fall to the floor so you can see my naked breasts.

I run my hands down over my chest, briefly stopping to play with my nipples until they are again hardened nubs, and then continue south.

Me: My fingers and lips itch to touch your breasts!

Ananya: But you're not allowed to - yet!

Me: I begin to restiffen at the sight of your body before me.

Ananya: My fingers trail over my stomach and lower, until they are on my hips, and then down my thighs. I sway my hips as my hands cup my pussy and then push aside the material of my underwear to plunge a finger into my wet folds.

I remove the finger and then slide my underwear down my hips, leaving me fully exposed in front of you, still with feet shoulder width apart.

I see you "standing to attention" and lick my lips again, remembering the feel and taste of you in my mouth..

So now what do you do?

Me: I take your hand and run my tongue around the tip of your finger, tasting you on it.

My hands start at the sides of your neck, brushing your skin with my fingertips and nails and leaving a light trail down to your breasts.

As my hands cup your breasts, I lean my face to the side of your neck.

Kissing your jaw, then trailing my lips and teeth down to your shoulder.

My hands feel the warmth of your skin as I hold your breasts, the thumbs beginning to draw circles around your hard nipples.

Ananya: As you lean into me, I take the opportunity to brush my hand across your groin and feel your now hard member quiver in response.

You take both of my hands and raise them above my head, telling me to be a good girl and not touch unless given permission.

Me: I run my hands back down your body, then pull you against me as my hands continue down your back to cup your ass.

Your arms lower down and curl around my neck as my hardness pushes against you.

Ananya: I feel it press low against my belly and raise myself slightly so it slips between my legs and I can let it gently rub my clit. I moan softly and move my hips to increase the pressure and tempo.

Me: I pull away from you reluctantly, not wanting this to escalate faster than I had planned.

I place my hands on your hips, holding you close enough so I can trace my tongue across your breasts.

Feeling your nipple hard and warm as I take it into my mouth. My tongue running circles as my teeth pinch down hard enough to make you gasp.

Ananya: I twine my fingers into your short curls as you suck on my nipples, licking and nipping them so that I gasp and moan without meaning to.

Me: My fingers trace inwards from your hip; you're wet against my fingertip as my index finger parts your lips easily.

I slowly run my finger back and forth across your clit as my mouth continues on your nipples.

Ananya: It'd feel so good, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from writhing; my grip on your hair would tighten and I would unconsciously lift my hips and tug your head down.

Me: I resist a few moments, then begin to kiss my way down your stomach and go to my knees in front of you.

I kiss your belly button, and from there I run my tongue downward. You lean back, pushing your hips forward as my tongue reaches the top of your slit.

I look up into your eyes as my mouth begins to probe your wetness.

Ananya: I moan as the tip of your tongue finds my clit and begins to lick and flick it gently.

Me: I move my hands to your ass, giving your cheeks a brief squeeze, before lifting one of your legs to my shoulder to open you up to me.

Your hips begin to thrust against my mouth, as your writhe in pleasure at my ministrations.

My mouth continuing to pleasure you, I watch your eyes close and your hand move to your breast and squeeze then pinch a nipple.

I groan into you as I watch you touch yourself. I start slowly stroking my hardened cock.

Ananya: I feel you push your tongue into me, making me gasp and pull hard on your hair. You then thrust it back into me, fucking me with your tongue.

Me: You are grinding my face into your pussy, hips thrusting and head tilted back as you moan.

Ananya: I let out a small whimper, almost unheard, as you pull away from me and stand up.

You make a frustrated noise, teeth gritted and tell me how sexy I look with my hair tousled and juices dropping down the inside of my thighs. I can see your cock is again rock hard with a red, pulsing head.

Me: Naturally! You are such a turn on, I love hearing you moan, love seeing you writhe under me..

So I tug on your hand to make you follow me. I want you laying down.

All the better to slide my finger into you as my tongue moves back to your clit.

My tongue flicks against it as my finger slowly thrusts in and out of you in a rhythm that brings you to the edge.

I am going to make you cum for me.

Ananya: I'm so close! The pitch and urgency as I moan, now almost non-stop, tell you that I'm close.

Your free hand slides up my body and pinches a nipple, hard enough that I cry out from the pain and pleasure of it. You pinch the other nipple and it's too much.

I'm gonna cum, oh god oh god I'm gonna cum; I say breathlessly.

Me: I love hearing you say that, I get so hard when you cum!

I feel your pussy clench onto my finger which has continued the relentless penetration. I taste your orgasm on my tongue, your juices pooling. But I don't stop.

My finger still probes in and out of you, my tongue teasing your clit, extending the high of your orgasm. You're now thrashing under me and your cries have become near screams of pleasure. Your legs clamp around my head in an effort to both hold me in place and push me away.

Ananya: it becomes too much to bear, exquisite; my hands in your hair now push you away.

You eventually withdraw your finger from my pussy and slow your tongue, making the occasional long slow lick down my slit that makes me shudder.

I lay unmoving, spent.


I move up til I am leaning over you face to face. I kiss your mouth and let you taste yourself on my lips and tongue. But I'm not finished - I want you and I want you now.

I kiss you again, harder, then roll you onto your stomach and pull your hips up so that you are on your knees facing away from me with legs slightly splayed and shoulders down.

You look back at me as I position the tip of my cock against your still very wet pussy.

'I want you now,' I rasp.

Ananya: I moan as you slowly push the tip inside me and then back out again, and hear you groan at the sensation.

You do it again, this time further and slightly faster.

'Do you want me to fuck you?' I hear you growl, as again the head is slowly pushed into me.

Yes, I moan. Fuck me hard, fuck me til you cum!

As I say it, you thrust quickly, deep into me, and I cry out as its repeated.

Me: My hands hold your hips tight as I pump my cock into your pussy from behind.

You're gasping 'fuck me' again and again as I plunge into you. I slap your ass and feel my cock twitch at the cry you emit.

Looking down at my hard member plunging into you again and again, I moan your name.

I slip my free arm under you and pull you onto your knees with me still inside you.

I grab a handful of your hair and tug you into a half sitting position, holding your head near mine.

I lean back and bounce you on my cock, one hand now around your throat and the other on your breasts.

'You feel so good,' I groan into your ear. I bite your neck and groan again, 'I'm going to cum.'

I let go of your throat to push you down on your hands and knees again. Grabbing you roughly by the hips, I fuck you harder now, pumping into your very wet pussy.

Do you want me to cum?

Ananya: god yes!

So I reach between my legs to fondle your balls with one hand and it pushes you over the brink - with a last thrust you cum then hold still as your throbbing cock spills your seed into me.

Once done you pull out and collapse beside me, then drop a kiss on my sweaty forehead.

Me: ... mmm well that's me done and done.. Damn it's difficult to type one-handed

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all the pics used are taken from the net. I do not take credit for the upload. Credit goes to original uploader

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My girlfriend Stacy- Hot, Sexy and Fuckable!

Bollywood Sluts
Aeishwarya - The Slut Wife
Hem The Charming Slut- Journey From Innocent to Slut
all the pics used are taken from the net. I do not take credit for the upload. Credit goes to original uploader

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chancellorx is hunted by the papparazichancellorx is hunted by the papparazichancellorx is hunted by the papparazichancellorx is hunted by the papparazi
Sister and Brother get close before she leaves for Dubai

Shraddha was to leave to Dubai in the next two days and the house brimmed with obscurity. She knew that life is going to be difficult without her parents and loving siblings, more so in a country about which she knew very little. The last fifteen days have been very memorable with roars of laughter ripping through every now and then. Being a woman with an enviable sense of humor, she had kept her parents, brother and sister in very high spirits.

Shraddha's marriage had taken place a fortnight ago. Madhu, her husband had left within a couple of days after the marriage due to some job exigencies. Although Shraddha did have a valid passport, it took a while for obtaining the VISA and for completing certain quintessential formalities. Finally, with the obstacles cleared, she was just a couple of days away from boarding her flight to Dubai.

Sanjay, her younger brother was largely responsible for getting the things done for her in such a quick time. Shraddha was aware of the stress he had undergone during the last few days as he kept visiting several offices and meeting several officials. Sanjay perhaps epitomized the typical middle class son who often became the scapegoat by sacrificing a few things for the sake of the family. Although, he had a decent job to be content with, his morale was at its lowest ebb after a terrible heartbreak. His fiancé dumped him for reasons better known to her and since then Sanjay lived just like a piece of wood. Perhaps, he looked more sober as he realized that Shraddha, who stood with him all through his turbulence won't be available after a couple of days.

She had to undertake quite a long journey from a village in southern India. Unfortunately, she couldn't find a confirmed berth in the train to the city, which was a night's journey away. She was to board the plane from there to Dubai, where her husband would be picking her up at the Airport. Sanjay was to accompany her in the bus journey to the city, as their father was immobile for all practical purposes.

Finally, the day arrived. Even Shraddha couldn't conceal her emotions as she realized that she has to leave the house where she grew up, playing with her brother and sister. Her eyes began glistening thinking about her affectionate mother and her physically incapacitated father. She stood at the window peeping outside watching the streets of her village and the faces she had known ever since she was a child.

Her father began sobbing uncontrollably as Sanjay brought the taxi to take her to the bus stand. She hugged her mother and sisters letting her tears fall on their shoulders. She struggled hard consoling his father whom she never remembered to have wept all through his life. He had just the consolation that he might be staying with his sister for until she boards the aircraft bound for Dubai.

Shraddha kept looking back waving her hands to her family members and a couple of friends who had assembled at her house to see her off. As the taxi took the turn into the main road, she turned around with moist eyes and her nose looked reddish. Sanjay didn't speak to her until they reached the bus stand where they had to board a private luxury bus. He was aware that his sister had the mental strength to get herself recouped before the journey even began.

He wasn't wrong by any means. By the time the bus reached the outskirts of the town, she began chitchatting with Sanjay in her usual enterprising way. Sanjay couldn't resist his smile.

Shraddha always preferred wearing churidars to saris as she felt lot of discomfort, especially during the summer. However, she was wearing a plain sari and with a matching blouse. She had agreed to get her nose pierced just before marriage so that she could wear the nosebud, considered as a sign of a married woman. Like most women, she was fascinated about jewels, especially bracelets and earlobes. Her mother had spent over an hour spinning her long hair to perfection. In all probabilities the tip of her hair might be brushing well below her waist. The fragrance of fresh jasmine streaks that decorated her hair was adding a new flavor to her looks. Sanjay kept watching her as she was eagerly peeping out of the window like a little kid. He remembered that she was always particular about the window seat, whether it was a car, bus or even a train.

"I hope you get a window seat in the flight as well," Sanjay said mockingly.

She looked at him and smiled.

Not so surprisingly, there were just a dozen passengers in the entire bus, as Sanjay had expected. He hoped that with such weak passenger strength, the operators might not be interested in playing the DVD but it was not to be. He was annoyed as a film began running on the huge TV screen making the rest of the passengers glued to it. He wanted Shraddha to sleep reasonably well during the journey so that she can remain brisk the next day. He smiled again as she let out a gentle yawn before resting her head on the cushion and closing her eyes. He wished he could sleep but his mind was fluttering remembering his lost love and several turbulences that had shook him in the recent times.

The bus was now speeding through the broad four-way national highway and such the driver seemed to accelerate the speed incredibly. Shraddha was fast asleep now and every now and then her head tilted and rested on Sanjay's shoulders. His nostrils filled with the fragrance of jasmine and the gentle aroma of her shampoo, every time she leaned on him.

Strangely, Sanjay closed his eyes and started thinking about his erstwhile sweetheart who also loved wearing plenty of jasmine on her hair whenever she could. As he looked at Shraddha who leaned on his shoulders yet again, he felt a gentle shock at once. Her sari had slipped above her chest revealing her sharp firm left breast underneath the blouse. Although, there was very little light inside the bus, he clearly could see her cleavage through the neck of her blouse. He shook his head as he tried not to look any further but he soon gave up to the temptations.

'What am I doing? She is my sister,' Sanjay began cursing him. Shraddha suddenly opened her eyes and looked up forcing him to pretend as if he was sleeping.

It wasn't the last time as Sanjay kept scanning her chest, although a bit stealthily. He didn't want his sister to catch him but at least on a couple of times, he was convinced that she had seen where he was looking at. After some time, it began looking like a hide and seeks between the brother and sister.

Shraddha was aware of the fact that her brother was peeping inside her blouse but she didn't feel anything awkward about it. In fact, she was excited to see how hard her brother was trying to gaze her cleavage. The mischievous girl that she is, always thrilled about flirting and guys, she did her best to give him a good glimpse of her breasts by leaning on his shoulders and sliding further down to his arms. She was thoroughly amused watching her curious brother struggling to peek without letting her know that he was actually doing it. She wiggled her legs letting her left leg brush his right leg. She knew that Sanjay was swilling out. She smiled knowing that she had lot of time to tease her brother, as the journey would last a good eight hours or even more.

But, she felt a gentle fear descending on her as she felt his right hand going around her and resting on her right shoulder. His fingers were surely trembling as they held her shoulders but once they did, they felt real firm.

"Sanjay?" Shraddha hushed as though she was about to pose a question.

"Oh," Sanjay hurriedly pulled back his right hand from her shoulders.

"Don't worry," Shraddha whispered. "Keep it there as long as you wish."

Sanjay was apparently encouraged as his right hand reached out to her shoulder yet again. His fingers began teasing her collarbones for a while before he let a couple of his fingers to probe between her blouse and the bra strap. Shraddha felt a gentle tingle at once and her left hand started caressing his right thigh. The bus suddenly bumped over a speed-breaker and her finger -nails inadvertently brushed against his crotch. Sanjay felt a mild lightning hitting his body. In a reflex action, his left hands gripped her on his crotch and began pressing it against his tent. She quickly took his clue and cupped his bulge wrapping it around with her wrist.

His right hand began caressing her back exposed above her blouse sending a shiver into her spine. His fingers intruded inside her blouse, reached out to her bra strap and began pulling. Shraddha squirmed as she felt her bra tightening on her breasts as he kept pulling the strap from right to left. She feared that the hooks might just give away if he continues stretching the bra any further but didn't say a word as she had already begun enjoying his tease. She shook again as her nipples hardened under the captivity of her bra.

It was Hari's turn to lean to his right on her shoulder as he planted a kiss on her cheek. He began moving his lips right under her ear licking down the neck and sending erotic signals to her nervous system. His right hand crawled between her blouse and bareback caressing all over. His fingers soon reached her shoulders and stayed for a while stroking her skin just below her neck. Shraddha close her eyes as she was very much aware where his fingers were heading. As his fingers plunged into her cleavage, she turned and planted a kiss on his lips. Sanjay was equal to the task as he made good use of the opportunity to draw her lips inside his mouth. She moaned inside him as his tongue began exploring her mouth with relish.

They broke the kiss after a while and looked deep into each other's eyes through the semi-darkness inside the bus.

"Your fingers talk well," She whispered with a smile.

"They certainly do," He said reciprocating her smile. "They are as good as yours." Shraddha took his left hand and placed it on her belly. She started maneuvering his fingers by pressing her right hand over. His right hand managed to get in between his blouse and bra as his fingers held her bra cup on the right breast. He was searching her throbbing nipple and once he found it, he pressed his thumb against it. The shackles were getting broken as Shraddha pushed his left hand further down from her belly. He kept following her motions as his palm began rubbing up and down her thigh and occasionally cupping her mound. Shraddha was spreading her legs wider to give better access to her brother. While Sanjay began caressing her crotch, she took of her right hand from him and reached out to pull his face towards him for another prolonged French kiss. They moaned into each other's mouth while his right hand began straining her blouse on the front.

Sanjay did something unexpected once they broke their kiss. He quickly got of the seat and squeezed his body right in between the front row and his sister's well spread legs.

"Sanjay!" Shraddha sounded shocked. "What are you doing? Someone might watch us."

"No way," He replied. "We are almost in the last row and everyone is busy watching the movie on the DVD."

Before she could say anything, he quickly buried his face right in between her legs. Shraddha wished she could resist but her hands involuntarily reached out to his head holding him tight against her crotch. His hands crawled through her body looking to hold her breasts. Shraddha knew that the bus wasn't the right place to take off the sari and hence just pushed it behind. She tried to suppress the moan that escaped her throat, as his hands ran over her blouse and grabbed both her breasts. He began swaying his head in between her legs brushing her thighs with his cheeks and her crotch with his nose. Her hands began grazing his hair as she pushed her head back on the rest biting her lips in pleasure.

She opened her eyes and started looking around them. Not even a single passenger behind them or around them. The few passengers had taken advantage of the vacant seats in the front to enjoy the movie running on the DVD.

"Sanjay," She whispered. It took a while for him to look up at her and once he did, his eyes swelled in excitement. She was undoing the hooks on her blouse with a blushing smile.

"You need to be quick," Shraddha cautioned him as she pushed the loosened blouse underneath her armpits on either side. She was equally quick to unclasp her bra hooks as well.

It was dark. But as streaks of light from the road lights kept flashing into the bus as it went. Sanjay kept watching her young breasts in awe for a few moments, stopping his hands on them. His eyes strained to have a look at her areolas and in the process he was aroused to see her nipples standing erect like two bullets.

"Do you remember?" Shraddha spoke softly. "Before I became a big girl, we used to play a lot touching each other always."

"Yes," Sanjay replied without taking his eyes off her breasts.

"I still remember those days," She said. "I feel wonderful thinking about those days."

"It is different now," Sanjay said as his hands began stroking her breasts and nipples.

"Kiss me," She whispered. Sanjay crawled up on her body and pressed his lips on hers. He didn't stop there as he trailed down her neck kissing all the way until he buried his face in her cleavage. Her arms went around his back holding him firmly against her chest.

Sanjay cupped her left breast firmly and ran his thumb around her nipple. Shraddha blushed and closed her eyes as he began rolling her nipple between his fingers. They grew longer and harder as he kept teasing. He began taking each one of them in alternate in his mouth to tease them with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh Sanjay," Shraddha groaned and pulled him harder against her body. She was breathing in gasps letting her chest heave with each breath. Sanjay went about fondling her breasts for a few more minutes before he stopped remembering her caution.

"Had enough?" She held his face with both her hands and spoke just an inch away from him.

"Not really," Sanjay sounded somewhat disappointed. "I can go on and on for hours but not in the bus."

He went down mashing against her body, kissing his way through her stomach to her crotch again. He gripped her calf muscles for a while before he began rolling up her sari and petticoat together.

"What are you doing?" Shraddha pushed him back tentatively. "We can't go that far here."

"Nobody will ever know," Sanjay pleaded and began lifting her sari again.

For the first time since they started it all, Shraddha felt a discomfort knowing that her brother was about to expose her womanhood inside a moving bus. She squirmed as his finger nails gently brushed her sensitive skin on her legs and thighs as he managed to push up her clothes well above her waist.

She turned her head away as he began stroking her soft on the inner thighs. As moments went past, she yielded to his overtures and her legs began parting. The more he kept caressing, the wider they opened. Shraddha wished her brother shouldn't see the moist spot that had stained on her dark panties after their erotic tryst inside the bus. He seemed more inclined stroking her mound with his forefinger and tracing the line of her panties running along her groin and between her legs. A couple of seconds later, he quickened up his pace increasing the pressure of his fingers on her bulge right above her slit.

"Sanjay...Sanjay....Sanjay," was all Shraddha could mutter, as her excitement knew no bounds.

Sanjay leaned forward and kissed her lacey panties. He inhaled her musky aroma and his urges became more resolute than ever. He began pulling down the panties even as Shraddha tangled his hair in an attempt to stop him from going any further. However, she stayed still once he managed to bury his face deep between her legs and nibbled gently.

"Naughty boy," She whimpered. "Why I am unable to resist you?"

Unable she really was as her legs spread wider thrusting her pussy against his face. While Sanjay kept rolling down her panties through her thighs, he breathed hot on her pussy, which was menacingly close to him. He brushed his nose on the curly hair that tenderly covered her cunt lips. Driven mad by temptations, the tip of his tongue popped out and drew circles around her throbbing lips.

"Please stop," Shraddha said squirming on the seat.

Sanjay didn't pay any attention to her meek protests as he began forcing his tongue deeper. He eagerly latched on to her clitoris that popped up, sucking it and rolling it between my lips. Driven to madness, Shraddha pulled up her legs up holding her knees by her arms. Perhaps, she gave him the best access to keep going as he swiftly reached and began fondling her breasts without letting his mouth budge even an inch from her crack.

"Oh god," Shraddha murmured sending her head back banging against the seat. Finally, she had exploded onto her brother's mouth. Sanjay quickly realized that she was cumming feeling her cunt excruciating against his tongue. I kept sucking faster and harder until she let out an elongated gasp, indicating her pleasurable climax.

Sanjay watched her body heave in and out with long gasps struggling to settle. As he regained his seat beside, her head leaned onto his shoulder while her arms gave him a gentle hug.

"Sanjay," she whispered, "I wish this could have happened earlier; perhaps even more."

"But, we have time until tomorrow evening," Sanjay replied.

"You are a quick planner," Shraddha said smilingly, placing her left hand on the bulge in his jeans and began rubbing.

"I am afraid not," Sanjay quipped with regret. "Had it been so, I would done things long before so that your husband might have been deprived of a virgin bride."

"I know," she said and kissed his cheeks. "I need to give you something in return."

"Wonderful," Sanjay sounded delighted. "I was about to talk about that."

They changed seats quickly. It was Shraddha's turn to go on her knees between his legs and once she did, she pulled down the zipper of his jeans. Her slender fingers slipped inside his jeans rubbing his dick up and down over his brief. Sanjay held her by the shoulders and watched.

Her tongue began darting through his chest to his abdomen until she arrived at his bulge. She pulled his jeans well below his knees and followed it up by bringing down his brief as well.

"You are big!" She exclaimed, apparently amazed about his size and girth.

"Bigger than him?" Sanjay smirked.

"Can't say as yet," She replied giving a gentle pinch on his thighs. "Too early to tell."

She leaned forward, placed a gentle kiss on his huge head before taking it into her mouth and started sucking it. Sanjay watched with utter disbelief and delight as his sister began showing her prowess in sucking a dick. Before his groans became louder, she had already found out his most delicate parts as her hands kept teasing his balls constantly.

Sanjay began thrusting his waist towards her face, letting her suck him so deep that his tip began hitting her throat. She teased the shaft between her teeth intensifying his joy. She wasn't looking like the sister he knew as she went about sucking him like a thorough professional, giving an extremely sensational treat to the entire length and width of his dick, taking him very close point to an imminent explosion.

Sanjay became tentative, as he feared he would shoot into her mouth very soon. However, she continued her oral treatment relentlessly while she kept stroking her hand up and down the shaft, until it came to the brink and finally erupted.

She paused, apparently unable to cope up with the flow of his semen into her letting her mouth overflow a little. However, she resumed after that momentary stoppage until she drained out his final drops of cum from his throbbing dick. As Sanjay watched her in sheer amazement, she gulped and gulped load after load into her throat unabashedly. Her eyes were titling with thrill and fulfillment as she stood up wiping her mouth and glancing at him seeking his approval.
"How did I fair?" She asked taking the seat next to him.

"Excellent," Sanjay acknowledged with a smile of fulfillment.

While other passengers in the bus seemed glued to the movie, which was nearing the climax, Shraddha and Sanjay were smiling at each other after what looked like an intermission.

The bus slowed down after a few minutes and took a turn inside a fuelling station.

"The bus will halt for at least ten minutes here," Sanjay whispered into her ears. "Let us get ourselves cleaned up for the rest of the journey."
My girlfriend Stacy- Hot, Sexy and Fuckable!

Bollywood Sluts
Aeishwarya - The Slut Wife
Hem The Charming Slut- Journey From Innocent to Slut
all the pics used are taken from the net. I do not take credit for the upload. Credit goes to original uploader

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Little Red Riding Wolf

He sees her sitting alone on the park bench watching the other children play, listening to her I Pod and humming along sweetly. Quietly he approaches until he is standing next to her. She is breathtakingly beautiful and delicious today. He regards her dressed in her red frock coat and red skirt.....his eyes wander down her smooth captivating thighs.....he feels his cock start to push out in anticipation....the black leather boots she wore were almost enough to make him bulge!

He is able to see the top of her voluptuous breasts where the top three buttons of her blouse are undone. He watches it rise and fall and rise again with each sumptuous breath she takes....inside his own heart begins to pound as his body yearns to feast on this delightful meal. He leans down and brushes her hair and ear lightly with his lips and nose....

She turns..."oh it's you baby!"

"yes...." He sighs.

"Don't know why you picked here at first to meet, but I'm glad you did. It's lovely."

She looked around the park as the first vestiges of the leaves could be seen from the trees and the sun began to descend slowly down into the horizon. The last of the children were beginning to leave. She turned back to him and noticed how incredibly black his eyes were, and how tall he stood. The broad shoulders and strong jaw set her heart beating to a quickened tune as well. She longed to hear him speak again....and was soon fulfilled that wish.

"Would you walk with me darlin?" he said.

"That would be nice."

He took her tenderly warm hand in his and led her down the path. Winding down the way, they were surrounded by the intensity of this early spring day. Though it was chilly, that was not why she trembled so. She had an intense longing to find out how those full intense lips tasted that now smiled when those heavenly black eyes stared into hers. She also wanted to feel those strong and lengthy arms hold her tight.

Casually he led her off the path. She wondered why he was walking into the woods where the bushes were thickening and the trees were looming. In a moment he had her up against one of those trees and buried his lips into hers.

He tasted of cinnamon and steak!! Of excitement and spontaneity! In short, he tasted delightfully yummy....but they were in public, and she had only met him online. She tried only halfheartedly to push him away, but instead he took her hands in his and pushed them to her side while his lips passionately kissed down her neck and shoulders.

She could smell his rich scent and feel his soft curly hair rub her jaw while he sent sparks into her body as he tasted each nerve with his tongue....her heart pounded with intensity, and as if sensing it, he kissed and licked more passionately, occasionally biting her skin lightly as if tasting her. She finally broke free of his grasp and pulled him closer to her while stroking his hair and squeezing his firm ass in her hand.

He reached up and undid her blouse then ran his hot wet tongue along her breasts. He teased her nipples under her bra until he could practically hear her moaning breaths begging him for more. Reaching under her blouse he found the clasp on her bra and unhooked it. It was only a moment until he pulled the bra away with his teeth and feasted on those beguiling breasts that lured him so earlier.

They tasted of sweet richness. His tongue lapped them up and his teeth felt their tenderness. The nipples were his next course and he licked greedily. Holding her body in his arms, he circled his tongue on each nipple then sucked them voraciously. Holding them in his mouth he sucked endlessly and stroked them with his tongue. He stroked and sucked and lightly bit to hear her moans and taste her powerful heartbeats.

He reached down and grabbed her sexy ass and held it firmly while his other arm kept her firmly against him. She could feel his cock bulge against her, and her clit throbbed endlessly while stretching out to join it. He moved her to the grass and lifted her skirt and ran his tongue along her thighs. He could smell her rich sweet scent and longed for it hungrily.

He found her panties and kissed them repeatedly and licked her cunt through her panties. Her moaning increased and he ripped her panties away and buried his lips in her. She wrapped her boots around his shoulders and dug them into his arm pits to pull him closer. His tongue swathed endlessly exploring her every nook and cranny. A new fold here, a lovely hole here. He plunged his tongue into her hole and wrapped it around inside to taste her. Then he stroked her g-spot with his tongue and replaced it with his finger.

While his finger massaged her g-spot, his tongue discovered her clit and teased it lightly then wrapped around it in a lovers' embrace. A few minutes of this and he sucked it into his mouth and stroked it with his tongue. He stroked and bit lightly and stroked again. He could feel her pussy flowing now onto his hand, and he knew he had to taste.

She felt his tongue lap at her hole again to drink her cum, and she gave him more as her orgasm kept building to an ultimate climax. "MORE MORE MORE!" she screamed!

He sucked on her hole now to get it all while he pinched and rubbed her clit. He stroked it and massaged it and drummed his fingers on it to make it pump more cum for him! His appetite was endless, and unable to hold back, she squirted cum all over his face and mouth and tongue. The cum was endless and she screamed out his name in ecstasy!

"I need your pussy so bad." He growled.

"It's yours, all yours baby!!! I'm all yours, take me!!"

His cock made its way out of his pants and found the hole it was destined for. She moaned in even more pleasure when she felt it fill her pussy completely. It was so warm and big and throbbing! She could feel it throb for her in her pussy. She wrapped her boots around his tight ass and forced him into her deeper.

He kissed her lips and stared into her captivating brown eyes with his ensnaring black ones. He kissed her jaw and neck while his cock plunged in and out. Deeper and deeper. Faster and faster. Fucking her in a wild wicked wonderful way!

After a moment she forced her way up and mounted his cock while burying her sensuous tits in his face. She nursed him tenderly while her pussy milked his cock. She could feel it rub her g-spot with its head and stretch completely inside her. She milked it more with her gyrating hips, and then he grabbed her ass and bucked her with his hips. It was the wildest ride ever. She grabbed her tits and sucked her nipples while he held her waist and bucked her up and down on his cock.

She turned around, and then leaned back on him while he fucked her even harder and stroked her tits for her. He licked and kissed the back of her neck and whispered sweet things softly in her ear. Over and over and up and down, she felt it plumb her totally! She then moved to her hands and knees and he plunged in her anew while licking her ass and probing her asshole with his finger. It felt wonderful being fucked in two holes at once.

She felt him mount her mercilessly while his balls slapped against her clit. His cock was bulging and throbbing more than ever. He was close now, so he rolled her over and plunged in while on his knees. He held her legs against his chest plunged deeper and deeper. He pulled out and rubbed it on her clit then plunged back in and pinched and rubbed her clit.

She was about to cum again, and he fucked her faster while stroking her clit to encourage it. Screaming his name once more, she squirted all over his cock and balls. She begged him to cum, and he responded by leaning over and kissing her while her boots pulled him in more and she felt his hot cum shoot and spray inside her pussy. She tasted his moaning on his lips and breath as he called her name, and she caught it with her lips in a fiery kiss.

He continued to pump it in for a minute or two to get the last drops out and then collapsed into her arms. After a moment of holding each other, she kissed him tenderly and said "My what big eyes you have."

"That's supposed to be my line, beautiful." He grinned.
My girlfriend Stacy- Hot, Sexy and Fuckable!

Bollywood Sluts
Aeishwarya - The Slut Wife
Hem The Charming Slut- Journey From Innocent to Slut
all the pics used are taken from the net. I do not take credit for the upload. Credit goes to original uploader

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great write-up

highly erotic
My frequently updated threads.Pls visit,drop ur reps and replies.

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Originally Posted by kavyalover View Post
great write-up

highly erotic
Keep visiting!!
My girlfriend Stacy- Hot, Sexy and Fuckable!

Bollywood Sluts
Aeishwarya - The Slut Wife
Hem The Charming Slut- Journey From Innocent to Slut
all the pics used are taken from the net. I do not take credit for the upload. Credit goes to original uploader

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Party Sluts

Riddhi heard her cell-phone ring. She had to ignore it. She was on all fours in a triple penetration. Three thick cocks, one in her anal hole, another in her pussy and the third in her willing mouth had gathered momentum and were moving in and out, in rhythm. As the cell rang again, the penis in her mouth erupted in a stream of cum. She gulped down the first load. The guy grunted and moved out of her mouth and let the next load hit her squarely in the face. Just then the other two guys let go of their loads in her pussy and anal hole. She put out her tongue and licked the remaining cum from the penis staring her in the face. As she got up, she felt the cum dripping out of her pussy and anal hole, slowly rolling down her thighs. The camera followed her wet thighs and dripping holes, as she walked away from the scene. The second camera in front panned her wet face as she walked into the changing room.


Riddhi had just finished a cameo appearance in a porn film. She took a leisurely shower and put on her clothes. She stepped out and collected her fee and was out of the apartment. She drove to her residence and let herself into her apartment. Her gaze fell on her mate Sparsha. Sparsha was sprawled naked on the settee. Her only adornment, were two heavy nipple rings. Sparsha inquired about the experience of taking part in a porno shoot. Riddhi replied that it was nothing special other than the presence of cameras at different angles and a few close-up shots of her boobs, pussy and anal hole. In any case she said that it was routine, as with any of their other engagements.

Riddhi and Sparsha were call-girls. They shared the apartment and often provided their services together. They provided a complete range of services from one on one, lesbian sex, groups and orgies. They had recently begun offering mild BDSM services also. They had tied up with a certain Madam T, who had trained them in BDSM over a few months and also provided the clients for this service. The two of them were lesbian lovers and shared the same bed. Both were tall, with heavy figures.

Sparsha was the heavier of the two. Riddhi suddenly remembered her cell-phone and looked up the missed call. It was her long-time friend Nirali. She dialed her number. Nirali answered immediately and inquired when the two of them were coming over to her city. She told her that she had been approached for a group sex party on the weekend. She had been asked to arrange for two more girls and hence had thought of them. She added that she was also eagerly waiting to have some heavy sex with Sparsha. Riddhi looked at Sparsha, who had heard the whole conversation. Sparsha nodded her assent. Nirali was delighted when Sparsha told her that they would fly over immediately, she added that it was her fetish group as she closed the call.


Riddhi booked two air tickets for the late night flight and sent the details to Nirali's cell. When Sparsha inquired about Nirali's fetish, Riddhi told her that Nirali had a thing about crotches of boys and girls in their early twenties. She said that Nirali liked to bury her face between their legs and nuzzle the penises and pussies. She liked girls with some hair on their pussies. The group must be a twenties group. Nirali was waiting at the airport, when they reached.

As Riddhi and Sparsha walked out of the airport lounge, Nirali watched them Her pussy juices were already flowing in anticipation. The sight of their curvaceous figures walking towards her, quickened her pulses. She embraced them both as they neared her. She quickly moved towards her waiting car and took off towards her home, which was close by. Once they reached her house, Nirali told the two of them to freshen up, while she set up some drinks and snacks.

Riddhi and Sparsha quickly washed up and changed into shorts and bikini bra tops. When they came out, they saw Nirali with her back towards them pouring drinks. She was totally nude, with only her feet in stilettos. They took in the sexy picture she made. Her back curved down towards her slim waist and her hips flared out giving her a curvaceous look. Toned buttocks with a deep cleft, completed her sexy look. As they stood watching her she turned round. Like Sparsha she too had nipple rings adorning her boobs. Added to that, tiny chains hung out from the slit of her pussy. She obviously had a pierced pussy.


Laughingly, they moved forward and joined in an embrace. Hands exploring bodies, Nirali soon had unhooked both bras. She pushed aside Sparsha's bra-top and fastened her lips and teeth onto one of her nipples, tugging at the ring. Riddhi had gone down and was teasing Nirali's pussy, pulling the chains, tickling her pierced folds with the tip of her tongue. The middle fingers of her hands had found their way into the other girls' anal holes. After a few minutes of petting, licking, kissing and teasing, the three disentangled themselves and carried their drinks and sat round, sipping and relaxing.

Nirali got up as they finished their snacks and drinks and held out her hands at Riddhi and Sparsha. When the two of them caught hold of her hands, she gently tugged them to their feet. She pulled them to the bedroom. There they flung themselves onto the large bed and grabbed each others boobs and butts. Nirali was all over Sparsha, loudly expressing her admiration for her large, heavy figure. She declared that heavy girls were her second fetish, after hairy crotches of twenty something adults.

With Nirali busy showering kisses, licks and bites on Sparsha's boobs and alternately fondling them and pinching her nipples, Sparsha too had started responding in like manner. Riddhi had positioned herself between the two pairs of moving legs and had gently pushed them apart. Two wet pussies were facing her. She lost no time in plunging her rolled tongue into one and then the other. She grabbed one thigh and another hip and moved closer to her target. She bit on Sparsha's pussy and then pulled at the rings and chains adorning Nirali's folds. In a few minutes the two were groaning as they had their first orgasms.

The two moved apart and moved down on Riddhi and alternately attacked her equally wet pussy with their tongues. Sparsha moved to her boobs and planted her mouth on one and grabbed the other with her hand, biting and kneading them, twicking and pulling at the nipples. Nirali was busy working on Riddhi's pussy. She had sucked the folds of her pussy into her mouth and was teasing them with her tongue. She then started giving small bites and worked her index finger slowly into her anal hole. Both girls had settled into a slow loving assault on Riddhi's sensitive areas. Riddhi was pushing her boobs at Sparsha and her hands grabbed Nirali's head and pushed it further into her pussy. She bucked and pushed with pleasure. She could feel the orgasm building somewhere deep in her body and finally shuddered when it hit her. When Nirali moved away her mouth and nose tip was covered with Riddhi's cum. She offered it to Sparsha, who licked it up.

The three rested awhile, before recommencing their sexual activities. Nirali produced a couple of strap-on dildos and donning one herself, offered the other to Riddhi. She placed herself in front of Sparsha and pulled her on top of herself as she fell on her back, on the bed. Her dildo had penetrated Sparsha's pussy in the process. Riddhi, who had noticed a bottle of gel on the bedside table had applied it liberally to the dildo, which she had strapped on. Taking some of the gel in her hand she moved to Sparsha's butt and applied it to her anal hole and inserting her fingers, lubricated the entrance. She then placed the dildo tip against the opening and gently pushed. She kept the tip just there as Sparsha's anal opening adjusted to the intrusion. Sparsha on her part pushed back a bit allowing more of the dildo into her anus. She then pushed forward onto the one in her pussy. Riddhi moved that much closer to Sparsha, not allowing the dildo to slide out. A bit more of maneuvering and the dildo's had settled into both her holes. The girls then started moving in a rhythm. As Riddhi pushed forward, Sparsha also pushed herself on Nirali's strap-on.

Both the strap-ons had dildos curving backwards into the pussies of the girls. As they pushed back and forth, these moved in their own pussies. They were in no hurry and they moved slowly against each other. They enjoyed the feel of the dildos in themselves. The girls then switched dildos and Nirali moved between, Sparsha and Riddhi taking a dildo in each hole. Taking turns the girls finally formed a daisy chain and reached a slow rousing climax almost together.


When they reached the address given to them, they were impressed by the opulence of the place. A sexily dressed girl ushered them in. She guided the trio to a suite and indicated that the party was in the adjoining rooms. The suite had a direct access to the party rooms. Komal, who had been talking with Nirali about the arrangements, walked in through the connecting door. Nirali introduced Riddhi and Sparsha to her. Komal expressed her satisfaction about them. She informed them that she would invite the three as soon as all had assembled.


In about half an hour, Komal called up on Nirali's cellphone and asked them to come in, using the connecting door. The three of them were now identically clad in tiny string thongs, matching bikini tops and stilettos. As they entered, they saw Komal and another girl clad only in thongs dancing to the music playing on the music system. Komal saw them come into the room and stopped dancing. She announced their arrival to the group and introduced them. Everyone cheered them and invited them to join.

Komal laid them to a participant and informed them that it was Ranil, her boy friend. It was his twenty-second birthday, which was being celebrated with an orgy. Nirali and Komal had already decided on the initial moves; Nirali in turn had briefed the other two about what was expected from them. Accordingly they took Ranil by his hands and pulled him into the middle. They started dancing close to his body, exhorting him to join them. Ranil too joined in the dancing. As the entire group watched, the trio danced sensuously, rubbing their bodies against Ranil. Slowly they stripped him of all his clothes. Throwing each garment towards the group.

Ranil was dancing nude and the trio had danced into squatting position. Nirali had managed to place herself in front of him. She had buried her face in his crotch. She took in his intimate smells, kissed his hard penis and moved sideways. Taking turns Riddhi and Sparsha copied Nirali. Komal and another guy had pushed a low, cushioned settee towards them and then they helped Ranil to lie on his back on it. Ranil's penis was stiff and almost upright. Everyone gathered round the settee as Nirali positioned herself between his legs. Riddhi straddled his middle and Sparsha kneeled with her legs on either side of his face, pushing aside the tiny triangle of fabric covering her slit.

As if on a cue, Nirali and Riddhi pushed their mouths down upon Ranil. Nirali, pushed apart his butt-cheeks and kissed and tongued his puckered anal hole. Riddhi's mouth caught his straining penis and Sparsha's pussy plunged down exactly onto his waiting mouth. A cheer went up from the others and the trio moved in rhythm to the chant of happy birthday. Ranil was charged up already and with this triple assault, in no time he shot his full load into Riddhi's mouth. Riddhi held his cum in her mouth, allowing very little to slide down her throat. Nirali asked the girls to line up and take their share of Ranil's birthday cum. Each of the other girls, led by Ranil's girlfriend Komal, took their turn at slurping some cum from Riddhi's open mouth. The last of the girls, put her tongue into Riddhi's mouth and licked round inside.
And the party had just started…
My girlfriend Stacy- Hot, Sexy and Fuckable!

Bollywood Sluts
Aeishwarya - The Slut Wife
Hem The Charming Slut- Journey From Innocent to Slut
all the pics used are taken from the net. I do not take credit for the upload. Credit goes to original uploader

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Hot Hot

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Fun in the bus with Vaibhavi-a 34d bomb!

I was in a reputed engineering college in Pune. Like it is in most colleges, I guess even now, the Architecture branch had the hottest girls. Fortunately for me, my roommate in the hostel was in architecture. Through him I was friends with most of the hot girls in his department, seniors, juniors and batch mates. In fact I was always among architecture students even though I was in Comp Sci. Since I was good in academics, it didn't affect my studies much.

Every year the nationwide student's body of architecture organizes a fest in some city. That particular year, it was held in Chenna. My roommate was going so I too tagged along. A luxury bus was booked for the journey. As is the case, the journey started late afternoon with singing and loud noise. As the Sun set, the noise levels dropped and by 7 pm, there was pin drop silence in the bus as all were asleep. Some may have been making out, who knows?

I was seated next to a fourth year girl who was a no nonsense type of a girl. She had slept before me and in a while I too slept. It was a bit cold inside due to the full blast of the AC and I guess in our sleep both of us ended up cuddling towards each other. I woke up due to sudden braking of the bus as she did too. We saw each other's face in the light of the passing vehicles and smiled. She introduced herself to me and I reciprocated. We started chatting about all mundane things in low whispers. It was getting cooler inside the bus and she took out a shawl from her bag and wrapped herself.

After seeing me shivering, she offered the shawl to me which I politely refused. But she almost forced me to share it with her. Here I think I should tell you more about her. Her name is Vaibhavi. She was in the fourth year. As I have mentioned earlier, she was a no nonsense kind of girl. She had a fierce reputation in the college. Boys were wary of approaching her even though she would have been the first choice for any guy. A Gujju girl, she was tall at 5' 4", black hair and fair, had ample boobs and a very supple ample shapely bottom. Later I came to know her figure was 34d 30 36. She was wearing a tight jeans skirt and an equally tight black t-shirt. I am sure you can imagine how that would have looked on her.

The close proximity with her did stir my junior. But I had to be contented with just occasional touches of her hand or her leg as we were talking. While talking, we somehow crossed upon the topic of pairs in college. And I mustered up the courage to ask her if she was seeing anyone. She gave me a stern look at first and then smiled and said that she hadn't yet met someone who she found interesting. I told her,

"Well Vaibhavi, any guy would love to date you."

She asked me, "Why do you think so?"

I told her, "You are beautiful and hot."

I could make out that she did like my comment. But she didn't show that out rightly.

We were quite for a while and then she asked,

"Why do you say I am hot?"

I replied hesitantly, "Well, you know you are so good looking and have a good figure."

She probably liked what I said 'cause she immediately asked me, "What's good about my figure?"

I sensed that if I played my cards right from here on I could get some action.

I somehow mustered up the courage to reply to her, "You have big knockers and you have a butt to die for."

I said that and was expecting a slap. Instead I got a customary stern look and then she looked out of the window.

After another pause she turned to me, came close to me, winked and whispered in my ears, "Do you like my butt?" And then gave me a naughty smile.

I replied, "Like? I dream of it." She hit me playfully with the back of her hand. I continued, "I would give anything to cop a feel you know," She looked straight at me and said, "Go ahead."

Where was I going to let that chance. I immediately pushed my hand below her butt and started feeling the globes. She rose a bit in her seat to accommodate my hand. Proof that she was enjoying it to. Her eyes were closed but she had a wry smile on her face. The expression on her face went from a smile of expectation to that of a bitch in heat. As I was squeezing her ass and pressing my fingers on her ass crack over the denim, she was rubbing her ass on my hand. She was literally rubbing her butt on my hand. This went on for god 10-15 minutes. I then removed my hand and kept it on her thighs. I was rubbing her thighs drawing small circles on her inner thighs as she was completely leaning on me. Then I slowly took her hand and placed it on my crotch over my jeans. I was really hard at that time and she was surprised by that. She opened her eyes in surprise and looked at me in lust. I kept my hand over hers and was pressing her hand on my crotch. After a while I eased the pressure on her hand but she continued to press my dick. All this while I was lightly scratching and drawing circles on her inner thighs.

I now wanted to take this forward and took my hand up and put it inside her skirt. She didn't stop me at all. I bunched her skirt around her waist and she lifted her bum to help me. She was wearing an orange color thong. I pressed my hand on her pussy mound over her thong. I realized she was dripping wet. Her thong was completely wet and it was like touching a hot ember. She then pulled her hand back from my crotch and guided my hand to rub it on her mound. She held a finger of mine and started masturbating herself with it. She pushed my finger inside her thong and urged me to finger her. I touched her face with my other hand and just rubbed her lips. I pried open her lips with my finger and touched her tongue and pushed my finger in and out of her mouth for her to understand that I wanted her to suck on my finger. This went on for quite some time till she had a muffled orgasm.

It was now my turn to be at the receiving end and I took her hand and put it inside my jeans. She understood what was expected of her and she held my dick and shagged me expertly. One part of me didn't want to cum in my pant but the other wanted to just let it flow. I came abruptly in torrents and coated her hand. She gave me a look of disgust but the next moment she licked my cum off her hands very seductively. It was such a high to see this college uptight girl do that. It would have been enough to make me cum if I hadn't already.

After that she whispered in my ears that she enjoyed it and I too told her that this was the best moment for me. I then put my arm around her and made her lie on my shoulder. The devil in me rose again and I started feeling her boobs. She rubbed her nose on my shoulders to signal her arousal at that. I slowly outlined her nipple and kept scrapping it with my nail. This aroused her again and her nipples became instantly erect. I then whispered to her that I want to feel them bare. She smiled and unhooked her bra.

I pushed my hand inside her t-shirt and under her bra cups to hold the biggest boobs I had ever held in my life. I kept holding it from the base, squeezing it and pinching her nipples. As I was doing this with my right hand, she again took my left and pushed it inside her thong. I starting rubbing her hairy and wet pussy and slowly started fingering her. She had another orgasm. And a beast arose in her as she suddenly removed my hand from her boobs and bent down to lie on my lap. She then proceeded to unzip me, and take my dick completely out through the slit in the boxers. She then started giving me a blowjob that was amazing. She would blow me and hold my balls ever so slowly so as not to make any noise. But even then under her expert ministrations, I came a second time within 10 minutes. And this time she ensured she didn't lose a single drop of my nectar and swallowed it all.

After that we reclined back on our seats completely sated. The look on her face was to die for. Completely sated and sweaty even with the AC even cooler than we had started out. We both knew we had started something blissful and were immensely happy inside. She held my hand tightly and lied down on my chest. I whispered to her, "Vaibhavi, it may be too early but I think I love you." She looked up at me and traced her fingers on my lips and mouthed the words, "ME TOO".

Slowly the lights went on in the bus as we were stopping for dinner.
My girlfriend Stacy- Hot, Sexy and Fuckable!

Bollywood Sluts
Aeishwarya - The Slut Wife
Hem The Charming Slut- Journey From Innocent to Slut
all the pics used are taken from the net. I do not take credit for the upload. Credit goes to original uploader

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