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Old 27th October 2015
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update 28
5th morning tamanna was relaxed that her todays target was achieved .. at abt 8 am her door bell rang she opened the door to find a good lookin guy there .. he said his name is rohan and he is kajals ex boyfriend .. kajal meanwhile came to the hall and said: tamanna mene hi rohan ko bulaya he.. if u dont mind hum tumhaare bedroom me kuchh akele me baat kar le .. tamanna said no problem .. both kajal and rohan went inside the bedroom and closed the door .. tamannas bedroom door had a big gap between the gate and floor .. tamanna decided to had a peek from beneath the door as she was curious about wht was happening .. she saw that both were having a quarrel and rohan was trying to convince kajal that he still loved her .. everynow and then while talking he woud try and hug her . or try and kiss her but kajal wud push him away .. he once even squeezed her breast trying to turn her on but she pushed his hand away .. then once while talking he put his right hand flush on her choot area .. kajal was wearing tiny shorts and was looking damn hot in those shorts

rohan while talking put his hands flush on her crotch area and started massaging her choot from abv the shorts .. kajal was clearly affected by it.. she still pushed his hand away and turned away from him and stood facing the other side .. then rohan did somethin unexpected .. while kajal was satnding with her back at rohan he pushed her against the wall .. slid her shorts up and started to squeeze her sexy hot gaand with his hands.. he started to squeeze her chuttads..

and then suddenly he pulled down his trousers to reveal his lund and then quickly pulled down kajals shorts .. as it was elastic shorts it got pulled down in one motion .. kajal was shocked at this and tried to bring her hands behind her back and catch her shorts from sliding down

but rohan was very quick .. in one swift motion he had pulled down kajals shorts to reveal kajals amazing chikini milky gaand.. now kajals sexy gaand was in front of rohans eyes

.. she had a great gaand .. her ass globes were like marble tombs ...then before kajal cud understand what happened rohan pushed her on the bed on her tummy with her gaand facing upwards

.. he then held kajal by her waist and lifted her waist a little so that now kajal was on her fours ...he held her tightly like that in doggy position.. then before she could protest rohan climbed behind her and put his lund on her gaand crack .. kajal was saying mujhe chhoro .. chhoro mujhe but he didnt listen to her ... he placed his lund between her gaand cheeks and found her gaand hole and inserted his lund in her gaand

.. kajal let out a moan .. she tried to protest but soon her protest turned into soft moaning as rohan pounded his gaand in a rhythm ..

tamanna was seeing this from beneath the door .. she cud see rohans lund going in and out in kajals gaand .. she could see kajals gaand being pounded by rohan .. she cud track the movement of rohans lund in kajals gaand

.tamanna was turned on .. she hadnt had a man for some days and she badly needed a lund in her choot now ..she decided to join the fun.. she got up and opened the door as if just to check on them .. after opening the door she pretended as if she was shocked at the scene ...when tamanna opened the door rohans lund was in kajals gaand ..for a moment he left his lund inside kajals gaand as both of them were shocked seeing tamanna

.. they forgot that they were in middle of a fuck session .. but after a moment rohan just ignored tamanna ...his lund was now out of kajals gaand so now he spread kajals gaand cheeks a little apart found kajals choot from behind and pushed his lund inside kajals sexy pink tight choot from behind...

he kept fucking kajals choot and completely ignored tamanna standing there, as if nothng had happened .. kajal was also too excited to leave it mid session and rohan kept pounding kajals choot.. then he turned her around and fucked her in missionary position for another 10 mins with tamanna being the spectator till both of them reached their orgasm

.. then rohan removed his lund from kajals choot and put it back in trouser .. kajal then got up ...she was very embarrassed she said : tamanna sorry yaar .. pata nahi kaise we just got carried away .. then she said: tamanna if u dont mind can i get fresh in ur bathroom and then hum dono saath me nikal jaayenge .. tamanna said ok .. kajal took his clothes and went in washroom . tamanna and rohan went in the hall .. tamanna was still in her thigh high purple silky gown with no panties beneath .. she was super turned on .. she wanted rohans lund in her choot .. she sat on a chair facing the sofa rohan was sitting .. she knew rohan everynow and then stared at her thighs .. she dint have time to waste as kajal would take maximum 20 mins for getting ready .. she sat on the chair with her legs spread little apart .. the legs were apart enough to reveal little bit of her pussy and make it clear to rohan that there was no panty beneath

.. rohan cudnt help but tried a peek between her legs .. tamanna said to him: kya dekhna chhahate ho .. mujhe kajal ne bataya ke she caught u with some other girl .. abhi bhi sudhre nahi ..
rohan : nahi tamanna woh .. woh
then without warning tamanna arched back in her chair .. lifted both her legs and parted them wide apart to reveal her full sexy pink choot to rohan ..then she said in a seductive voice : yehi dekhna tha na tumhe .. lo dekho .. tumhaare paas 15 minute he...... isme is choot ko chaato chuso chodo .. jo karna he karo .. its all yours

rohan needed no second invitation .. he was surprised how quickly he got turned on again seeing tamannas choot .. he got down from the sofa came near tamannas chair and sitting on his knees buried his head in tamannas choot .. he licked it sucked it ..he moved his tongue all over tamannas choot..

her choot was dripping wet .. after 5mins tamanna said : rohan jaldii karo time nahi he ... abhi kajal naha kar baahar aa jaayegi.. apne lund se meri choot ki aag bujha do .. rohan laid tamanna on the floor spread her legs wide apart and put his lund on her smooth silky choots entrance... he then gave a firm push and and his lund entered the velvety softness of tamannas dripping wet choot.. his lund was lost in the soft flesh of tamannas choot

.. he kept banging tamannas choot for 10 mins till they both got tense that kajal might catch them .. rohan increased his speed and finally he and tamanna both reached their orgasm .. they quickly got up and sat normally and in less then half minute kajal emerged from bedroom saying she was ready .. kajal said bye to tamanna and rohan gave tamanna a naughty wink and both went away .. finally tamanna knew that she hadnt become a lesbian..

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Old 27th October 2015
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update 29
sonam on 5th morning wokeup with someone ringing the door bell .. sonam opened the door and it was the same doodhwala who had fucked her yesterday .. sonam asked: kya hua .. doodh rakhke chale jaao
the doodhwala at that instant pushed her inside .. he than put his left hand on sonams boobs and started pressing them ...sonam was in shock... he grabbed her from behind and pulled down her top to rveal her boobs and started sucking her boobs from behind

it and put his right hand on sonams choot and started rubbing it .. sonam opened her mouth to shout but he put his left hand on her mouth and pushed her further inside her flat and closed the door ..he then grabbed her gaand from behind lifted her top from above her gaand and started squeezing her gaand cheeks ...

sonam looked terrified ...then he pushed her on the couch .. sonam was wearing a blue top and shorts ..he pulled down her shorts .. sonam was trying to protest but he was very strong .. he pulled down sonams shorts to reveal her beautiful sexy gaand .. he turned her around to reveal her sexy pink choot .. he threw her trousers away and pulled his pants down .. he placed his left hand on her mouth to prevent her from screaming .. he came over sonam and adjusted his lund over sonams choot and enetered her with full force

.. sonam let out a muffed scream .. he than banged her choot with full force... he banged her choot brutally in different positions .. sonams choot was bruised .. she wanted to scream but she knew if people will know about all this it will bring shame to herself as she had yesterday provocated doodhwala to fuck her.. so she muffled her voice

raped her for 20 minutes till he came inside her .. sonams choot was bruised and battered .. when he was finished he released sonam .. sonam shouted on him ..she said .. kal maine tumhe chhor diya tha .. aj me police bulaungi ..
doodhwala : saali raand kal me sabzi bazaar me mere ek dost ne mujhe ek video bataya .. usme kaise 25-30 sabziwalo ne teri choot ka mazaa liya sab recorded he .. saali mere saamne sati savitri mat ban .. ye dekh video ..
to her horror sonam saw the video .. somebody had filmed her being fucked by bahiyyaji and her pusy being sucked by all .. she was in tears ..
doodhwala said .. tu mujhe police me degi to me ye video unko bataunga or internet par daaloonga .. samjhi ..wo to sabziwalo ko tera ghar nahi pataa nahi to yahaa sabki line lag jaati tujhe chodne ko .. agar zyada bak bak ki to sabko yaha ka pataa de doonga samjhi .. mujhse kabhi kabhi chudwaana accha he ya roz sabziwalo se .. then he said .. saali tu nangi kamaal lagti he .. zara peeechhe ghoom ... ek baar teri gaand dekhne de... sonam reluctantly turned around .. he saw her sexy gaand .. that sexy smooth silky gaand of sonam

he got a turn on again.. and before sonam knew he pushed her on couch face down got on top of her and pushed his lund with full force inside her gaand.. sonam let out a scream .. her gaand was still hurt from the banging he had given her yesterday but he dint listen to anythng .. he put more and more pressure and inserted his lund deeper and deeper in her gaand till his full lund was inside her gaand

... he fucked her gaand for an eternity till he came inside her .. after finishing with her sonam was all tears .. he said in a soft voice : mujhe samajh nahi aata tere jaisi khoobsurat ladki ko un sabziwalo se chudwaane ki kya zaroorat par gai .. sonam said : woh meri majboori thi .. aur tumse jo kal maine karwaya woh bhi majboori thi ..
doodhwala : kaisi majboori .. sonam told her the story of her burning choot and then the punishment of to be fucked by 7 unknown men
doodhwala: abhi tumhaare 3 din baaqi he .. me tumhari madad kar sakta hu.. me mere 3 dosto ko laa ke tumhe unse chudwa sakta hu .. is tarah tumhaara kaam ho jayega or unhe mazaa mil jayega .. or tumhe roz naye naye logo ko dhoondhne ka tension nahi..
sonam ..nahi .. ek baar unhe ghar pata chal gaya to roz wo bhi tumhaari tarah yaha aa jayenge
doodhwala : ek kaam karo tum unhe kisi car me raste se pick kar lo .. aur kisi sunsaan jagah par jaakar kaam poora kar lo .. is tarah unhe tumhaara naam bhi nahi pata chalega aur ghar ka pata bhi nahi pataa chalega
sonam : me tum pe bharosa kyu karo
doodhwala: me waada karta hu mere dosto ko tumhaara naam aur pata nahi dunga .. lekin isme meri ek shart he .. har hafte me ek baar me tumhe chodne aaunga aur tumhe mujhse haste haste chudwaana hoga .. ab mujhe tumhaari choot aur gaand ko chode bina rahaa nahi jayega
sonam: ye nahi manzoor mujhe
doodhwala : dekho mere paas tumhaari video he .. usse blackmail kar me tumhe roz bhi chod sakta hu .. meri shart maanne me tumhaari bhalaai he ..
sonam had no choice .. she gave in .. as sonams 5th day chudai was pending doodhwala called one of his mechanic friend and set up a meeting .. sonam picked him up in a car took him to a secluded place and got fucked .. next 2 days doodhwala arranged meetings at late night ..she got fucked by a waiter of a restaurant and a chaiwala.. waiter was a 20 years old boy and he was so excited seeing sonam that within 5 mins he released his cum in her choot

.. on the other hand the chaiwala was a professional redlight going guy .. sonam when she went to meet him she wore a white short skirt without panties for ease of fucking.. she wanted to do it on the back seat of the car but chaiwala asked her to come out .. it was a secluded area so there was no issue in coming out ..sonam wanted it to finish quickly so sonam just lifted her top and revealed her small milky boobs and lifted her white skirt a little opened her legs apart and showed him her chikni choot and turn him fully on

.. she wanted it to end quickly .. but the guy fucked her choot for at 15 mins while doing so he had lifted her dress slowly slowly above her breasts and had set her boobs free from her bra cups ..he sucked her boobs vigorously licked and bit her nipples and fucking her choot hard till sonam came .. he then turned sonam around and started fucking her choot from behind and fucked it very hard till sonam reached her orgasm again but the guy wont come

.. then sonam gave him a blow job for 5 mins and again inserted his lund in her choot then finally after fucking her for 10 more mins he released his cum in her choot .. finally sonams 7 days ordeal was finished .. tamanna on her last 2days requested her 2 best friends jacqueline and sonam to suck her choot and finish her punishment ..they had no option but had to help their friend so they sucked her choot on 6th and 7th day and completed her quota.. finally 7 days were over and tonight they will go to meet the baba again
what was there in the store
in next update 2 new girls vidya balan and shriya saran will be introduced
and see what will happen to jacqueline .. how will she be double fucked ...
and how tamanna sonam and jacquelines gaand will be pounded
and how vidyas bhosra and sriyas choot will be fucked
wait for next update

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Waiting ... please come soon

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Old 31st October 2015
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update 30
after day 7 the 3 girls met at evening as they needed to visit baba tonight .. jacqueline said: sonam me aaj nahi aaungi .. seriously pichhli baar jo mere saath hua uske baad mujhme waha jaane ki himmat nahi .. tum dono ko waha saza bhugatni he .. plz mujhe mat le jaao.. though sonam and tamanna wanted jacqueline to accompany them but they understood her reasoning and left without her .. they reached the wrethched tree under which baba sat.. as soon as they reached the site they were greeted by a horrendous scene .. they saw that madhuri was kneeling on her fours in doggy style and there was a huge black dog who was fucking her from behind .. they cudnt believe at what they were looking .. at that moment baba saw them and said in a loud voice : aa gayi tum log .. me tumhaari hi der dekh raha tha .. then suddenly his expression changed and he shouted in a loud voice : tum do kyu ho .. teesri kaha he??
sonam said : woh.. woh aaj nahi aa saki
baba shook his head violently : yaha aana naa aana khud ki marzi se nahi chalta .. ye galat kiya .. bohot galat kiya
sonam: baba .. uska yaha kuchh kaam nahi tha
baba shouted : kaam tha ya nahi iska faisla me karunga tum nahi.. ab use saza milegi
suddenly madhuri who meanwhile was being banged by the dog let out a loud scream as the dog finished with her and she dropped on the ground
baba took out a voodoo doll ..that of jacqueline .. he lit a match and again put it between the dolls legs
jacqueline who was lying on her bed calmly started to feeel a little tickle between her legs .. she thought her pussy was itching .. she rubbed it .. but slowly the itch grew into a burning sensation and from her friends experiences she knew very well what was happening to her ...she was wearing a trouser and tee shirt and she inserted her hand inside her trouser and then inside her panties and started rubbing her choot vehemently

... she kept rubbing and rubbing to no advantage .. she removed her trousers and panties and threw them away.. she then spread her legs wide and rubbed her choot furiously ... she rubbed her choot and moaned loudly ... but the pain kept growing

.. she took out her mobile and called sonam .. sonam took the call in front of baba .. baba knew it must be jacqueline
jacqueline on phone: sonam .. sonam .. mujhe mujhe kya ho raha he
baba said : phone mujhe de .. he took the phone and said .. ladki .. mujhse bhaag kar kaha jayegi .. mere paas naa aakar tune bohot bari galti ki he
jacqueline who was rubbing her choot ferociusly pleaded : baba mujhe maaf kar do .. plz ye band karo .. meri choot shaant kar do .. me abhi aati hu aapke paas
baba : tujhe aana to parega mere paas lekin pehle sazaa to bhugat le .. teri ye choot ki dahak ab tabhi shaant hogi jab teri choot aur gaand me 2 lund ek saath me ghusenge .. ab jaa aur do lund dhoondh
jacqueline : plz baba .. me kaha dhoondhungi
baba : tere aas pados me 2 mard to mil hi jaayenge .. jaldi kar jaldi dhoondh
jacqueline was hysterical .. she pleaded but baba dint give in .. she started thinking where to go .. she remembered that one floor below 2 brothers lived in one flat with their families .. they cud help .. she ran out of her flat just in a teeshirt nothng beneath .. she ran downstairs came at their door and started ringing the door bell violently .. the elder brother ramesh opened the door .. he was shocked to see the scene in front of him .. there he saw jacqueline .. the sexy girl whom he always ogled at was standing in front of him in just a teehsirt .. and that teeshirt too from top had slipped down and was showing her boobs ... and from below it was lifted abv her waist and her right hand was on her milky white choot and she was rubbing it ferociously ..

he was too engrossed in seeing jacquelines thighs and choot that he forgot to speak anything .. as jacqueline had ringed the bell violently soon suresh the younger brother also came out with his wife shriya (shriya saran .. the sexy housewife last seen in dhrishyam .. she looked stunning even in saree).. ramesh wife vidya(vidya balan .. the plump hottie .. im sure she must be having a huge bhosra which cud take in 2 lunds a time) also rushed out .. all were stunned at the scene .. vidya finally spoke:
jacqueline ye sab kya he
jacqueline kept rubbing her choot and said :didi mujhe aap sab ki madad chhahiye
her choot was on fire she cudnt explain to them what she wanted .. so she dialled sonam and asked her to explain to vidya on phone what she wanted .. vidya took the phone and as sonam started explaining the situation to her her expression changed .. she shouted on phone and said : tum log paagal ho kya .. ye kya bakwaas he .. at that moment baba took the phone from sonam and said in a thunderous voice : ye ladki jo keh rahi he woh sach he .. agar abhi is ladki ki choot aur gaand ko shaant nahi kiya to woh apni choot ragad ragad kar mar jayegi .. vidya looked at jacqueline rubbing her choot and she knew that this was no joke and the girl was in serious trouble and she needed help .. but how can she ask her husband and devar to fuck a stranger girl..
ramesh asked :vidya kya hua
vidya: paused for a moment and then blurted : aapko aur suresh ko iss ladki ke saath sex karna hoga
though ramesh and suresh for all the while were staring at jacquelines choot and thighs they both feigned a shock at hearing to what vidya said
ramesh: ye kya bakwaas kar rahi ho
vidya then quickly explained what was the problem .. after showing some reluctance both of them gave in .. they showed reluctance from outside .. inside both were on seventh sky .. ramesh after fucking the loose hairy huge bhosra of vidya for years now wud get a chance to fuck the silky tight pink choot of a sexy girl .. though shriya still had a great figure and was very sexy but after delivering her frst child her choot had also become loose .. and fucking a gorgeous girl was an opportunity suresh wont get anytime .. so he already had a hard on ..
suresh says : bhaiya pehle aap kar lijiye ..
vidya : nahi aise nahi .. aap dono ko saath me karna hoga .. ek aage aur ek peechhe .. ek vagina me aur ek anus me
both brothers looked at each other stunned ..then ramesh said : aap dono ladies andar chale jaao
shriya was pissed off.. she said stubbornly : nahi .. hum yehi rukengi.. aap dono jaldi se khatam karo
suresh wanted to retort but jacqueline was now sitting on floor .. she had legs spread wide apart and was rubbing her choot like anythng pleaded.. plz jaldi karo .. me mar jaaungi

ramesh quickly moved ... he removed his night trouser .. vidya noticed he already had a hard on ..shriya cudnt help but notice that his jeth had a much bigger 9 inch lund as compared to his hubbys 6 incher.. ramesh lied down on sofa spread his legs with his erect organ and said to jacqueline : aau jaldi mujh par beth jaao
jacqueline got up quickly and came near sofa .. she sat on ramesh facing him and then with her hand guided his erect lund inside her chikni choot .. the moment the lund entered her choot she felt like someone had poured ice water on her choot .. she heaved a sigh of relief

ramesh said: suresh tum iske peechhhe betho .. aur peeche se iski gaand me daal do
suresh came and sat behind her .. then adjusted his lund.. kept it on her asshole and then with a soft push entered her from behind ..

now jacqueline was being fucked in her two holes by two brothers .. ramesh was pushing his lund inside her choot from below and and suresh his lund in her gaand from behind .. both the brothers were working in perfect tandem .. when one wud push in other wud pull out .. then other wud push and first one wud pull out

.. her both holes were now wet with her juices .. suresh after some time cudnt control and increased his momentum .. while ramesh was still calmly fucking her choot ..meanwhile both the ladies were watching the show .. vidya who was still in her green saree and dark blue blouse and petticot she cud feel some wetness on her petticot .. she wore a panty only in her periods .. otherwise her choot was always free inside the petticot .. now that choot was geting wet .. she just wanted to throw away her saree lift her petticot and push jacqueline away and take both those lunds in her 2 holes ...

. or infact she wanted both lunds together in her choot as due to giving birth to 3 childs now her choot was so loose she hardly felt any sensation with her hubbys lund which was long but thin .. so she imagined how those 2 lunds together will feel inside her hairy loose bhosra

just imagining it made her choot go drippimg wet
on the other hand shriya who was in yellow full length night gown also felt her juices dripping at her thighs she also wore no bra or panty inside her gown.. and seeing his hubby involved in threesome she was reminded of her college days .. she was very sexually active in her college days .. she used to wear short skirts and guys use to drool over her fleshy milky white thighs

.. every now and then guys used to get a view of her panties as she knowingly used to flash her panties to tease the guys .... she sometimes would give her panties a miss and give the guys a flash of her choot via upskirts... almost every guy in her class had seen her choot in such upskirt incidents

. seeing this threesome she was reminded of her college time when one of her boyfriends ajit got her drinks spiked and then when they were at his flat he invited two of his friends subhash and karan .. and due to the drugs she was on a high and the 3 guys took advantage and fucked her together .. ajit lied down on bed and made shriya sit on his lund and eneterd her choot from below .. subhash entered her gaand from behind

seeing this karan got too excited and karan inserted his lund in her mouth ... the three had fucked her hard in all holes till they all came.. then after a break they changed positions .. then karan fucked her choot from front standin in front of her .. and ajit lied beneath her and inserted his lund in her gaand from under her..

then subhash was given a hand job .. then again positions changed till all had fucked her all holes .. in the morning when she woke up she found 3 guys lieing naked near her .. she was shocked .. she said she will complain abt them .. at that time they showed her the video recording of her last night .. how they had fucked her together .. how her gaand sexy white milky gaand was fucked by them .. how her bushy choot which was hidden between sexy pubes and it was fresh and tight .. tht choot had taken all 3 lunds in it . they had also taken her pics with their 3 lunds

. they said if she opened her mouth the video wud go viral .. she was trapped and then she became their sex slave .. everynight her choot and gaand were banged by all of them .. even in college they dint leave her .. one day karan in college corridor in full public view squueezed her gaand abv her jeans and whispered in her ears : side me aa.. he took her to a storeroom and as soon as they entered the store room he pulled down shriyas jeans and white panties exposed her gaand bent her over a table fucked her gaand very hard for 15 mins ... then he spread her gaand cheeks found her choot and fucked her choot from behind for another 10 minutes

. somedays later subhash during classes asked her to come out .. took her to the ladies room .. she was wearing a green salwar kameez and white leggings.. he took her inside the washroom pulled down her leggings and tore away her pink panties in excitement and fucked her choot inside the washroom.. it become a habit .. whenever any of the 3 was horny they called her and fucked her inside the washrooms or storerooms or on terrace .. once a professor caught them and to make sure that he didnt report the incident shriya had to spread her legs for the professor too .

. and every now and then professor also asked for the fees to keep quiet and shriya had 4 black mailers now ..

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update 30 continued
shriya first hated the blackmail but as she was sexually hyper active she started enjoyin it .. she loved when karan subhash and ajit fucked her together .. she loved a dick inside her choot one in her gaand and one in her mouth .. she loved being fucked whole night and day by the 3

..and for the 3 guys she was a bonus .. they cudnt find fleshier milkier thighs then hers .. her choot covered in pubes but with a profound clitoris which they used to lick and suck made them crazy .. and her gaand was big and firm .. they had made her gaand hole as big as her choot by regular fucking .. now her gaand also accommodated any lund quite easily

.. shriya also loved the excitement of being fucked in college as their was always the thrill of getting caught .. she loved bein fucked in washrooms and storerooms .. even in class subhash sat next to her and he used to keep massaging her thighs and choot even during the lectures.. all the fun ended when as soon as the college finished her father arranged her marriage with suresh ..
it was a full conservative family and suresh with his ok ok size lund and little stamina hardly satisfied her.. she was used to getting three lunds in 3 holes and then after marriage in 5 mins it was all over .. for satisfying herself she used to steal carrots and brinjals and bananas from kitchen and anything which cud resemble a penis ...and when alone in her room she used to fuck herslef with them .

. one day while in kitchen she got a nice fat brinjabottl .. she was feeling very horny that day .. she took the bottlel and slipped out of kitchen quietly .. she went in her room lied down on bed .. slipped down her black leggings and spread her legs .. then she inserted the thin long bottle in her choot and imagined it to be the lund of ajit ..

she started moving the bottle in and out of her choot and fucked herslef with the bottle thoroughly ..the bottle getting in and out of her choot was making a nice puch puch sound.. she was abt to reach her orgasm when her room gate opened and her saas saw her .. the old lady was shocked to see the scene in front of her .. her bahu shriya was lying on bed legs spread apart and a bottle inserted in her choot .. she saw the scene and muttered .. suresh bhi apne baap jaisa hi nikla .. ek aurat ko santusht nahi kar saka .. she closed the door and left.. thereafter shriya made sure that before fucking herself with veges she always bolted the door..
now seeing the threesome in front of her she wanted to push away jacqueline and get there between the 2 guys .. unknowingly her hand had reached her pussy and she was massaging her pussy from abv the gown .. she saw that vidya was also rubbing her pussy from abv her saree
what happened next .. see next update

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Old 1st November 2015
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update 31
suresh soon came inside jacquelines gaand .. first time in her life jacqueline had taken 2 lunds inside her at a time and though she was forced for it but she thoroughly enjoyed it .. she almost felt two lunds meeting each other inside her body .. suresh lund was smaller so it was perfect fit for her gaand whereas ramesh was giving her choot a great fucking from down under .. jacqueline was moaning loudly now .. vidya was furoius from inside that her husband who hardly showed any interest in fucking her was fucking jacqueline for abt 20 mins and still going on..finally almost half an hour after it started ramesh came inside jacqueline and jacqueline also reached her orgasm with loud moans .. as soon as it finished jacqueline got up.. it was an awkward moment .. she said thanks to vidya and ramesh and dashed out of their house .. shriya and suresh had already gone in their rooms
as soon as shriya had reached her room she sat on a chair and lifted her night gown above her waist to reveal her bushy choot .. she spread her legs to show her bushy choot to suresh

. she said to suresh
: usko to bohot thandak phochaai .. ab apni biwi ko bhi thandak do
suresh: jaanu abhi to mera orgasm hua itni jaldi kaise
shriya stubbornly : abhi aur isi waqt yaha aau aur ise chusna shuru karo .. aaj mujhse sabar nahi hoga.. she spread her legs further and pointed at her choot

suresh walked near his wife sat on his knees and put his mouth on her wifes choot .. shriya had a nice bush around her choot .. her choot lips were very bulging .. suresh started sucking them .. shriya dropped her gown over her hubbys head .. now sureshs head was inside shriyas blue gown and he was violently sucking her wifes choot .. the choot was wet already her bushes were dripping with her juices .. he sucked and licked his wifes choot till he again started getting a hard on .. shriya then lied on the bed lifted her gown abv her waist spread her legs to reveal her choot in its full glory to her husband

.. suresh climbed over her and tried to put his lund on her choot but shriya got hold of his head and put his head again on her choot and said: abhi itni jaldi nahi ... ise aur chuso aur geela karo .. suresh again immersed himself in his wifes choot .. after 10 mins or so shriya turned aorund and then kneeled on her fours and thrusted her gaand towards suresh... shriya had sexiest of gaands.. she had huge ass cheeks which were smooth like silk and milky white ... her gaand crack was deep like a valley.

. she thrusted that sexy gaand towards her husband and said .. aaj mujhme bhi peeche se dalo .. cumon fuck my sexy ass

.. suresh had never done anal with his wife before .. but when his wife thrusted her gaand towards him he saw that his wife had a great gaand .. her ass cheeks were large but shapely .. her ass crack was like a deep valley between two hills .. he kept staring at her gaand and realised that he had missed on great fun till now by not fucking her gaand ..

shriya said: soch kya rahe ho ab jaldi se ghusa do isme plz
suresh put his lund on shriyas gaand hole .. he thinking that it was shriyas first anal experience tried to go slow and gave a gentle push ..

little did he know that his wife was expert at taking lunds in all of her holes .. little did he knew that shriyas gaand was in college like a garage where everynight 3 guys used to park their lunds .. to sureshs surprise his lund slid inside shriyas gaand quite smoothly .. another push and his whole lund was inside shriyas chikni chupri gaand

.. he then started fuckin shriyas gaand .. shriya was delighted at having a lund inside her gaand after so many years .. suresh fucked shriyas gaand for 10 mins before he cudnt control and released his cum inside shriya .shriya also came soon after ..

both husband and wife then spent the night peacefully in each others arms

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Old 1st November 2015
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update 32
vidya entered her room and threw her saree away .. she climbed the bed lifted her petticot abv her waist and started fingering her choot .. when ramesh entered the room he was shocked to see the scene in front of him

ramesh:vidya ye kya kar rahi ho
vidya : maine dekha kaise aadhe ghante lag aap uske saath lage hue the.. mere saath to mahine me ek aadh baar karte he aur woh bhi 5 min me khatam
she then pointed at her bushy choot .. her choot had huge bushes as she hadnt shaved there for years .. her choot due to 3 deliveries had become loose .. her pussy lips were wide apart her clitoris dangled out of it .. she said pointing at her choot

: is choot me aapko daalne me ab mazaa nahi aata kyunki ye aapke bache paida kar kar ke dheeli ho gai he . ramesh was looking closely at his wifes bhosra .. that typical middle class middle aged house wifes hairy bushy bhosra

. vidya continued :aaj maine dekha us ladki ki aag thandi karne me aapko kitna josh aya magar aapne kabhi socha he ke jab meri is pussy me aag lagti he use me kaise bujhaati hu .. vidya started rubbing her choot and clitoris in front of her husband and said: isi tarah apne haath se is pussy ko ghas ghas kar apni aag bujhaati hu .. aaj bhi wahi kar rahi thi .. kyunki mujhe pata he us ladki ki tight pussy me apna ghusane ke baad aapko isme (she pointed at her choot)

aapko isme to koi interest to hoga nahi
ramesh looked at vidya .. her legs were spread and her choot or rather bhosra was spread in front of his eyes .. though it was no way near to the sexyness of jacquelines milky choot but he knew he cannot leave his wife like that fucking herself .

. his dick wasnt ready yet .. so he started by immersing himself between vidyas leg and started mouth fucking vidyas bhosra .. her bushes were wet with her juices .. after licking and sucking her pussy lips he started chewing her biting her clitoris ... then he opened her pussy lips and inserted his tongue inside her pussy .

. after mouth fucking her choot he came near her boobs and opened vidyas blouse .. there was no bra and vidyas huge 38 size boobs popped out .. they were bulky and huge .. a little saggy but soft and inviting .. he sucked her right boob and pressed her left .. he started fondling her nippples and soon they were erect .. after playing with her boobs fondling them sucking and licking them he started sucking her navel
.. he licked it sucked it .. then he traced his way down .. he kept licking below her navel till he reached her choot and again started sucking it

.. vidya cud take it no long .. she shouted plz ab isme daal do ab sabar nahi hota
rameshs lund was now ready .. he placed it on the mouth of vidyas bushy choot and pushed it inside

.. he fucked vidyas choot hard and in great speed.. after years vidya had seen such energy in her hubby.. ramesh rather then looking at vidyas bhosra kept imagining that he was fucking jacquelines milky choot.. that gave him more and more energy .. ramesh fucked vidya for next 15 mins till both reached their orgasm.. vidya finally slept satisfied with her husband
thanks to jacquelines bizzare incident vidya and shriya after a long time got a decent fuck from their husbands .. may be it was the guilt feeling in suresh and ramesh that made them fuck their wives hard tonight .. but vidya and shriya enjoyed and were happy finally..

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Old 1st November 2015
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update 32
jacqueline got dressed and quickly reached babas place .. when she arrived she saw that sonam and tamanna both were standing in front of baba .. both were wearing pants that were pulled down below there knees and so were their panties.. their tops were covered but there sexy pink choots and silky thighs were on display.. their pantied down below their knees

.. jacqueline saw that baba had some sticks or rope in his hands and he was fondling sonam and tamannas choot with those stickes and ropes .. he was fondling their choots .. playing with those choots by inserting those sticks and ropes in choots of sonam and tamanna

.. he saw jacqueline and said: aaj tu ne bohot intezaar karwaya .. chal jaldi aa kar khadi ho ja apni dosto ke saath .. jacqueline stood near her friends
baba: chal jaldi nangi ho
jacqueline slowly pulled down her jeans and panty .. now three girls were standing pants down in front of baba ..

baba walked around them and went behind them .. he stared at the 3 gaands .. jacquelines were the biggest gaand... huge chuttads which were soft and spongy and deep ass crack... tamanna had firm and tight ass cheeks .. sonams were soft buttery like .. baba was a gaand lover .. he got instant erection seeing 3 young naked gaands

.. he said: ab jhuk jaao teeno .. aur apni apni gaand ko baahar ki taraf nikalo... the girls hesitated .. baba shouted : jaldi
the girls quickly bent and thrusted their gaand outwards ..

baba came near them .. he bent and first had a close look at jacquelines gaand . he parted her ass cheeks with his hands and moved his fingers in her ass crack .. her gaand was white milky and huge ..

he then inserted his 2 finegrs inside jacquelines gaand .. jacqueline let out a moan .. baba then moved towards tamannas gaand .. white globes .. tight and firm ... big chuttads .. silky smooth. he separated her ass cheeks with his hands .. her ass crack was deep like a valley .. he fingered her ass crack and rubbed her ass hole .. then he inserted his mouth in her ass crack and licked tamannas ass hole .. he sucked it and inserted his tongue in her ass hole ..

then he went to sonam .. he squeezed her soft bums .. they were spongy soft ... werent huge but in great shape and buttery smooth

. he kept squeezing them .. then he also inserted his two fingers in her ass crack and then in her ass hole ..
after examining all 3 gaands he told ladies to stay bent with their gaands protruding out ... he asked them to bend further so that their gaands were thrusted upwards and ripe for fuck

. then he went behind tamanna and without warning put his lund on her gaand and pushed hard and in one push his half lund was inside tamannas gaand .. tamanna let out a scream ... baba pushed harder and harder and soon his whole lund was inside her gaand .. baba violently kept thrusting tamannas gaand .

. while fucking tamanna his right hand was on jacquelines gaand .. and he was spanking jacquelines ass cheeks and rubbing her gaand hole.. after fucking tamannas gaand for 5 mins he removed his lund from her gaand went behind sonam (who was still bent down with her ass thrusted out )

and again without warning inserted his lund in her gaand.. sonam was rarely fucked in her gaand ..though the doodhwala had recently banged her gaand mercilessly but still it was very tight .. babas huge lund barely entered sonams gaand ..sonam kept shouting but baba had no mercy .. he kept pushing and pushing till his whole lund was inside her ..

sonams gaand wass bruised badly and even bled .. after 5 mins he removed it from sonams gaand and inserted his lund in jacquelines gaand .. jacqueline had a big gaand and also was used to ass fucking .. her gaand took babas lund without much fuss .. baba loved jacquelines huge gaand and fucked her for 10 mins till he finally released his load inside jacquelines gaand .. now baba after being satisfied asked the girls to pull up their pants and face him

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Old 1st November 2015
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update 34
baba then said to tamanna : tu ne apni sazaa poori ki .. ab tu aazaad he .. bas agle 2 hafte tak apni dost ke saath yaha aana aur mujhe khush karna
then he said to sonam : ise (he pointed at madhuri .. who was silently sitting near the tree naked legs spread apart .. pussy open to be fucked for whoever wants ton fuck her) ghar le jaa .. iski sazaa poori hui .. ab teri sazaa ka doosra hissa ye he ke aane waale 7 din tujhe har roz 2 alag alag mardo se ek sath chudwana hoga jaise aaj teri dost ne chudwaya .. ek lund gaand me ek choot me .. 7 din 14 lund..
sonam was dumbfounded .. she spluttered .. baba me kaise ... kaise karungi
baba: khamosh .. kucch bhi kaha to sazaa aur badh jayegi
then he said to jacqueline : agar tu aaj chup chaap aa jaati to teri sazaa khatam ho jaati .. lekin tu ne mujhse bachne ki koshish ki .. ab teri sazaa ye he ke tu 7 din yaha mere saath rahegi .. jacqueline saw madhuris condition and cried out loudly : nahi baba aisa mat karo mujhe maaf kar do ..
sonam : baba meri dost ko chhor do uski sazaa bhi mujhe de do
baba : agar tum dono 2 minute me ise (madhuri) ko le kar yaha se nahi nikli to tumhaari dost si takleef badhti jayegi .. he snapped his finger and instantly some roots bound itself around jacquelines ankles and in a moment she was hanging upside down from the tree .. she was screaming terribly.. baba said to sonam: jaldi niklo nahi to tumhaari dost ki haalat me aur kharaab kar doonga ..
sonam and tamanna had no choice .. they helped madhuri on her feet gave jacqueline who was still screaming a last look and walked towards their car

in next updates
sonam and 14 lunds
jacquelines 7 days with baba
and some new entries

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