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Old 27th September 2015
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update 7
in her desperation sonam remembered something ..there was a 55 year old neighbour mr.dubey living on her floor .. he lived alone as his wife and kids lived in other city .. he used to regularly ogle at sonam whenever he saw him .. sonam absolutely hated him but she knew at this moment only he could help her .. she stumbled out of her flat went to dubey's house and rang his bell furiuosly one after other .. dubey opened the door obviously he was half sleepy but his eyes remained wide open on seeing the scene in front of him .. there the girl of his dreams was standing in hip high teeshirt which barely reached her thighs .. he could not get his eyes off sonams milky thighs .. he saw up and saw that her white teeshirt was barely concealing her boobs and he could clearly see the her erect nipples through her teeshirt.. now without warning sonam entered his flat sat on a chair .. she spread her legs a little and then suddenly got hold of the bottom of her tee shirt with her right hand and pulled it up above her waist .. revealing her freshly shaven pinky smooth chikni choot..

dubey cudnt believ his eyes .. he thought he was dreaming .. the girl of his dreams was sitting in front of his eyes with tee shirt pulled up and her choot revealed in its full glory.. he just kept staring at that pinky sexy choot.. and then sonam said:
dubey ji .. plz ise chusiye
dubey stood motionless .. he cudnt process her words
sonam said again: dubeyji plzzzzz... is choot ko jaldi se apne munh se thandi kariye
dubey needed no more invitations .. he just sat on his knees and dig his head between her legs .. he was feeling like in heaven .. that pink chikni choot in his mouth .. he explored her pussy lips and forced his tongue inside her choot .. he licked it chewed it sucked it for 10 minutes .. now sonam was super wet .. her juices were flowing in his mouth .. she was being ravished by a 55 year old man whom she wud never give a second glance .. but suddenly dubey stopped .. his mouth was removed from her choot ...sonam opened her eyes and saw that dubey had pulled down his trouser and was looking to fuck her.. sonam thought oh no .. she said to dubey in a pleading voice
dubey ji abhi der he .. abhi aur chaatiye is choot ko .. aur geela kijiye .. phir aapke is auzaar ko mujhme daalni ki sochiyega
dubey thought she wasnt turned on enough .. and went back to licking .. sonam thought as soon as she will get her orgasm she will be out of here .. she will never let this old man fuck her.. after a few minutes of choot sucking sonam was super turned on and soon she reached a massive orgasm and relaesed all his juices on dubeys face ..

dubey was little surprised .. he kept licking sonam's juices from her choot .. sonam now got away from dubey pulled her teeshirt down and said thank you dubeyji and started to go .. dubey pulled her hand and said ..
tumne kaha tha tum mujhe khud ko chodne dogi ..plzz i wanna fuck you
sonam: sorry me ye nahi karne de sakti
dubey: plz mera saalo se khwaab tha ke me tumhe chodu .. aaj moka mila .. plz mujhe is tarah adhoore me chhor ke mat jaao .. tumne mera istemaal karke khud ki pyaas bujha lee ab mujhe pyaasa mat chhoro
sonam looked at his face .. he was literally pleading .. sonam felt guilty of using him .. she didnt no what to do
dubey : bas ek baar .. plzzzz
sonam thought she had been alreday fucked by 3 guys today ..and this man could have easily forced himself on her afterall she was standing half nude in his house .. she finally said ok
she went in the hall .. lied on couch .. and spread her legs .. she had now lost count how many times she had spread her legs for different men in last 2 days ..

she said : jaldi karo
dubey had already removed his trousers .. he quickly took his position between her legs .. she expected him to quickly enter his lund in his choot .. but rather surprisinly he first put his mouth on sonam's mouth and softly kissed her .. then he started kissing her cheeks her earlobes .. he slowly lifted sonam's tee shiirt above her boobs and put his lips on her boobs .. he started kissing them softly .. then he started biting them tenderly ...sonam who wanted this to be over quickly suddenly started enjoying it .. she had already had 2 orgasm .. one by dildo .. one from dubeys sucking .. but she was getting turned on again.. dubey kept kissing her boobs then he slided down kissed her navel .. her smooth milky tummy .. and then turned her around on her face and started licking her back .. sonam was getting hot .. he kept licking her back from bottom to top .. then top to bottm .. then he started kising her ass cheeks .. first right one .. that milky white gaand .. then left cheek .. then he inserted his tounge in her crack and started kissing her asshole.. sonam was getting wetter .. she cudnt believe she was enjoying being ravished by a 55 year old ugly man ..the dubey kissin her under thighs and then licked her whole legs.. sonams juices were pouring from her choot .. she cud take it no longer .. she screamed
: dubey ji ab mat tarpaao .. ab apna lund daal do andar
dubey gave on to her wishes .. he spread her legs once again and put his lund's tip on her choot and gave a soft push .. after being violently savaged by 3 bhaiyas today this tenderness felt nice to sonam .. he slowly inserted his whole lund in her choot and started giving her soft thrusts ... then he increased the speed of his thrusts and fucked her for 10 mins till sonam reached another orgasm .. then dubey turned her around .. made her sit on her fours and started fucking her gaand .. dubey always used to see sonam walking from behind and used to stare at her matakti gaand and would use to fantasize how beautiful that naked gaand would look .. today that gaand was in front of him all naked ...and his lund was fucking this milky chikni gaand ..sonams gaand was very tight .. his lund felt like heaven inside that chikni tight sexy gaand

sonam was surprised by the old man's stamina .. the oldman fucked her gaand for about 20 mins till he finally came and released his load in sonams gaand .. sonam was finally relieved .. she got up from the couch and said:
plz aaj jo hua uska zikar kisi se mat kariyega ..
she adjusted her teeshirt and quickly left the flat .. she reached her house after being fucked by a fourth person in a day
what happened next ..
wait for next update
guys plz reply shud i invest my time writing further or not

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Old 27th September 2015
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update 8
sonam after reaching her house collapsed on the bed .. she had no energy left even to think and fell asleep
on the next morning when sonam's friend tamannah woke up in her house she was feeling really upset.. after her breakup with her boyfriend 3 weeks ago she hadnt had any sex .. for her 3 weeks without being fucked was an eternity .. that night she thought she will surely end the drought with rahul .. rahul had made advances .. his hand was inside tamanna's skirt .. he was rubbing tamanna's pussy from abv her panties .. tamanna's panties had started getting wet .. she was abt to remove the panties and put rahul's head inside her skirt and over her pussy when sonam stopped the car to pee and that sonam episode ended all her chances of getting laid.. even thinking of rahul's hands on her pussy started making her wet .. she thought she needs some fun but what .. she looked out of window and saw akhilesh .. a 18 year boy who lived next door .. tamanna was a girl who knew she had a sexy figure and never was shy of flaunting it .. she wore spandex pants
.. body hugging jeans .. short skirts so short that even a little here and there and her panties would be up for display .. and she made sure that every now and then she flashed her panties to guys around and make them crazy .. it was a fun game for her .. even when she had to go some place where she needed to wear traditional dress there she would wear a tight shalwar made of such sheer material that it woould give a glimpse of her skin and shortest of kurtis so that her sexy thighs were always on display .. and everynow and then she would bend down so that her kurti would slide up and give the guys behind her a a nice glimpse of her round firm gaand .. and her shalwar would be always tranparent enough to give them a glimpse of her pantyline .. she knew a lot of guys in neighborhood shagged thinking abt her and she just loved it .. and she knew akhilesh was one such shagger .. she today decided to have some fun with him..
she knew akhilesh would be in lift and coming upstairs .. she went in her bedroom and removed her shorts and took out a black lacy panty .. it was made of net material and it showed more than it hided .. she put on the panty .. now she was dressed in just a thigh high dress and panty .. she quickly opened her flat door and waited for akhilesh to pass it .. as soon as akhilesh came in sight she called him:
akhilesh .. zara yaha aao .. zara meri help kar doge
akhilesh saw tamanna .. she was wearin a teeshirt and nothing else .. she couldnt help it and kept staring at her sexy legs ... he just imagined himself hugging tamannah and caressing those sexy hot milky thighs

..tamanna kept behaving normal and said
: plz zara andar aao
when he entered she said
: akhilesh mujhe stool par charh kar fan or cupboard ke upar safai akrni he but muhje dar he ke stool slip na ho jaae .. kya tum plz stool pakar kar khare rahoge ..
how would akhilesh deny her he said ok .. tamanna got up and stood on stool .. and lifted her hands to clean the fan overhead .. as soon as she lifted her arms her whole teeshirt slided up and akhilesh had clear view of tamannah's soft white firm gaand in black almost tranparent panty .. panty hid nothing .. and as tamanna was standing on a tall stool and akhilesh was holding the stool so her gaand was right at eye level of akhilesh .
akhilesh was mesmerised and was just staring at her gaand ... that panty covered huge sexy gaand

how beautiful and shapely were her ass cheeks .. .. he then stared at her ass crack and the hole .. how much he wanted to put his lund in that gaand ..

tamanna knew what akhilesh was seeing .. she was enjoying it and now tamanna decided to give him another glimpse of heaven .. she suddenly turned around on stool .. pretending to clean other wing of the fan .. and as she turned now her choot was right in front of akhilesh's eyes .. he cudnt believ what he was seeing ... he had always seen tamanna walking in tight jeans and pants and shalwar .. he has always stared at her sexy thighs and at her pussy area and always fanatsized how would that pussy be ... how beautiful and sexy it would be .. and now that sexy choot was right in front of his eyes .. covered only by a transparent panty.. tamannas choot had some pubic hair .. but her choot lips were clearly visible amongst the bush..her sexy choot openiing was very profound and it looked like a little pond in middle of some bushes...the choot was right in front of his eyes and he so much wanted to kiss it suck it lick it

.. tamanna decided to increase the temperature she said
: akhilesh zara meri taango ko pakroge .. mujhe upar dekh dekh ke chakkar aa rahe he .. kahi me gir na jaau..
akhilesh wudnt miss the opportunity .. he quickly held tamnnas thighs .. and on pretence of holding her thighs brushed his face on her choot .. tamanna ignored it .. after few moments he got brave and rubbed his lips right at her choot .. he quickly faced other side making it look accidental .. then he got brave and raised his hands little high and grabbed tamannahs gaand.. tamanna felt it was time for the kill .. she shouted :
ye tum kya kar rahe ho ..
boy panicked and removed his hands
then tamanna faked as if she saw something strange and shouted :
oh my god.. mere shorts kaha he .. mere shorts jo mene pehne the woh kaha he ??
akhilesh: mujhe nahi pata .. me jab se room me aaya aap aise hi ho
tamanna got down from the stool and sat on the couch
tamanna .. after faking as if she was thinking : oh my good mene toilet jaane ke liye utaare the or fhir me pehenna hi bhool gai .. or tumne mujhe kaha bhi nahi .. or tum mujhe aise hi bina shorts ke itne der se ghoore ja rahe ho ..
akhilesh : wo.. wo .. wo mujhe laga
tamanna : kya laga ?? ke mene tumhe yaha bulaaya he apne aap ko nanga dikhaane ke liye..
akhilesh : nahi .. wo .. nahi .. mene kuchh nahi dekha
tamanna : sachi sachi bolo kya kya dekha .. warna abhi me uncle se shikayat karungi tumhaari
akhilesh father was very strict and everyone in the building knew that .. tamanna knew that akhilesh was scared that if she complained to his father he would beat him badly .. tamanna took advantagge of this
akhilesh : wo wo .. wo mene aapke bums dekhe
tamanna : hindi nahi aati .. bums yaani hindi me kya
akhilesh he felt he was being played by tamanna .. but he was scared that if he didnt play along tamanna might complain to his father and his father might not listen to his version .. so he decided to play along..
tamanna : dekhne me sharam nahi aai bolne me aati he .. kya dekha bolo.. tumhaare dost log bums to hindi me kya bolte he
akhilesh : jee aapke chutad dekhe .. aapki gaand dekhi
tamanna was so turned on listening to this words from his mouth
tamanna: aur kya dekha
akhilesh : wo ... ji ..
tamanna: jaldi bol
akhilesh: aapka vagina dekha
tamanna : hindi me bol
akhilesh : aapki choot dekhi
tamanna was now severely getting turned on
tamanna : sachi bolo tumne apne hoth jaan boojh kar waha lagaye the na
now akhilesh decided to play on
: kaha lagaye??
tamanna : meri choot par aur jaan boojh kar tumne meri gaand par haath lagaya na ??
akhilesh : ji
tamanna:ab agar tum chaahte ho ke me tumhaare papa se na kahu ye sab to tumhe mujhe compensate karna hoga
akhilesh: jese tumne meri choot dekhi mujhe tumhaara lund dikhaao
as soon as akhilesh heard this he got up and pulled down his trouser and undies in one go to reveal a fully erect 6 inch lund
tamanna cudnt wait any more .. she called akhilesh near her .. she was sitting on the sofa and she made akhilesh sit on the floor between her legs .. she raised her hips removed her panties and threw it away .. she opened her legs wide apart .. she spread her thighs and opened her hairy choot and said:
le ab dekh meri choot bina kisi parde ke ..

akhilesh was dumbstruck .. he kept staring at that sexy hairy choot of tamanna.. tamanna relaxed her head on couch kept her choot on display and asked akhilesh..

she asked .. bata kaisi he ye choot
akhilesh : bilkul sexy.... ekdum chataak ...mast ..
tamanna : to chal chaat is choot ko
tamanna took akhilesh head and buried it between her legs .. and now akhilesh was in heaven .. the choot which he only dreamt off was now in front of him.. and he was sucking it licking it
akhilesh after sucking her pussy lips parted her choot lips and took a view of her cunt .. it was dark pink.. he inserted his tongue in it .. after mouth fucking her a few minutes he said
: didi mujhe andar daalne do warna me jhar jaaunga
tamanna : ab didi mat bula tamanna bula tamanna
tamanna knew he is very inexperienced so he wont last long.. so she quickly came down from sofa parted her legs and said : chal jaldi daal de andar
he quickly placed his lund on her choot and in one push he was inside her

.. while he was banging her he removed tamanna's teeshirt and started pressing her boobs..he pumped her pussy and squeezed tamannas soft milky white velvety boobs ... though he was very immature but after a long time a lund inside her choot was giving tamanna immense pleasure ... just to encourage the boy tamannah started using foul words.. chod saale chod .. aur zor se chod .. saale bache se mard banna he to bataa marddangi .. phaar de is choot ko .. hearing tamanna he got more and more excited ..
he now went behind tamanna onnthe couch .. and now from behind he inserted his lund in her choot .. in this position her choot felt more tighter

and afterv 10 mins he unloaded his cum in tamanna's choot .. tamanna also reached her orgasm with him.. both now lied tired on the floor .. naked .. tamanna said to akhilesh .. tu jaldi ghar jaa .. agar kisi ko shak ho gaya to museebat ho jayegi
akhilesh wore his pants and said .. phir kabhi madad chaahiye to bulaana .. haa aur agli baar safai karti waqt wo kaali panty bhi mat pehenna .. bina kisi parde ke tumhaari chhoot aur gaand dekhne ka mazza hi kucch aur he .. he smiled and left the flat
tamanna got up and started gettin ready for office
next update tomorrow

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awesome story man plz add other Bollywood sluts also

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Sorry for not updating since last 2 days .. Got busy in work.. @ best in the world .. Many more sluts coming soon .. Just keep checking

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update 9
next day when sonam got up she called her friends tamanna and jacqueline and asked them to meet her urgently .. they said they will meet her after their office at her place .. sonam now had worked out that she got those burning choot attacks once a day and she already had her attack of today at 2 am when she was fucked by dubey but she didnt want anymore public exhibition of her choot so she decided to stay at home for the whole day .. in the evening she told her friends abt her ordeals of last 3days .. they were shocked to hear it .. then they tried to get a solution to this problem .. tamanna then remembered that she had a neighbour who had some knowledge abt such unusual occult problems .. they decided to meet her .. tamanna called her and asked to meet her urgently .. when they reached her home mrs madhuri ( our very own madhuri dixit nene .. the sexy bitch with huge gaand and big big boobs .. the dhak dhak girl)welcomed them ... she was a beautiful lady in late thirties .. she was wearing a golden and cream salwar and kameez and she was looking ravishing

.. the girls sat down and sonam told her her whole story .. madhuri told them that the first thing they can do is to go to the same place and see if that aghori is still there and ask him what he wants .. she said she would accompany them there .. the girls were terrified of going there again but madhuri gave them confidence and told them she would come with them .. madhuri had done some experiments on some occult sciences but she had never seen an aghori doing his act so she was going with them more out of curiosity
girls drove to the place .. it was hard to locate the exact spot but sonam spotted the tree under which she had decided to pee that night and the whole episode had occured
the girls ot down from car and when they reached the tree they were astonished to see the aghori still there .. his eyes closed in dhyaan .. he said without opening his eyes
: aa gai ladki .. buhut der kar di ... me to yaha tera kab se intezaar kar raha tha .. par gai teri choot me thandak ya abhi bhi usme aag lag rahi he
sonam as soon as she heard it was in tears ..she said :baba mujhe maaf kar do
baba: maafi to tujhe us din maangni thi .. magar us din tujhe aur tere dosto ko bohot ghamand tha .. ab to tujhe sazaa bhugatni hogi
sonam : baba me bohot sazaa bhugat chuki ab mujhe maaf kar do plzzz
baba: ab mere haath me kuchhh nahi ... ab tujhe paschaataap karna hoge .. jis choot ne gunaah kiya usi choot se paschataap .. ab teri ye choot shaapit ho chuki he .. ab shaap se mukti ke liye paschataap karna hoga
sonam ... baba mujhe maaf kar do .. now sonam was crying
baba: ab maaf karna mere haath me nahi .. paschataap karna he to bol
madhuri who was till now listening now asks : kaisa paschaatap
baba : 3 hafto tak ise alag alag kaarya karne honge jisse yeh shaap hatega
madhuri : kaise kaarya??
baba: pehle hafte me har roz jis choot se isne mere kaarya par paani fera meri saari mehnat par paani fera tha usi choot me har roz kisi aise mard ka ling lena hoga aise mard se sambhog karna hoga jise ye jaanti bhi na ho.. 7 din 7 alag alag mard 7 alag alag ling
all girls were shocked listening to that .. sonam was dumbstruck
madhuri : ye kya bakwaas he .. ye kaisa paschataap
baba : yehi karna hoga .. agar aisa nahi kiya to jo daure abhi ise din me ek baar parhate he wo fir 2 baar fir 3 baar parenge .. barte jayenge .. yaha tak ki iski haalat aisi ho jayegi ke iski choot apr kabhi koi kapra nahi tik payega
madhuri on listening this got angry and said .. ye baba paagal he .. me ek swami ji ko jaanti hu jo iska kiya hua jaadu yu hi utaar denge .. is paagal ki baat maane kii hame koi zaroorat nahi..
on listening this baba got angry and shouted: tu ne mujhe paagal kaha ... tujhe meri shakti ka ehsaas nahi ..ab me tujhe batata hu me kyaa hoon.. zara zameen par dekh ..
when the girls saw on ground they saw they were standing in middle of a circle drawn on the ground ..
baba : ye mera shakti gola hai
the ladies tried to step out of the circle but to their utter shock their feet were frozen .. they cudnt move their feet .baba started laughing loudly..now baba came close to them .. first he went behind madhuri and pulled out a hair form her head .. madhuri screamed noooooo.. then she pulled a hair from the heads of all the girls .. then he went near his sack pulled out 3 vodoo dolls .. he tied one hair around one doll and pointed to madhuri .. ye wali gudiya tu he .. then one hair each was tied around other 2 dolls and they were shown to tamanna and jaquieline ..ye tum dono .. then pulled out and old doll and showed it to sonam .. tumhaari to mere paas pehle se hai
then he said to madhuri .. ab dekh me kya karta hu
he took madhuris voodoo doll and started chanting some mantra.. now madhuri was scared .. she shouted ye tum kya kar rahe ho
now baba opened his eyes .. stared at madhuri and give his head a jerk .. madhuris both hands were raised up above her head as if pulled by some invisible force .. baba gave his head another jerk .. now her kurti was lifted above her waist .. revealing her sexy thighs .. wrapped in tight golden salwaar .. her salwaar was so tight that a clear cameltoe was forming above her choot

.. baba gave his head another jerk and now some invisible hand pulled her naara and pulled down her salwaar ... madhuri was screaming .. mujhe chhor do .. mujhe chhor do .. her salwaar was pulled down right till her ankles and madhuris white fleshy milky thighs were glowing in moonlight .. she had great thighs .. they were fleshy but they were in great shape...

another head jerk and her kurti was torn away right from the middle .. her kurti parted from the middle as if she was wearing a robe and now her full body was exposed ...she was standing there in just a white lacy bra and panty
her bra barely covered her huge big melons .. her huge dark brown aereolas were visible from her white semi tranparent lacy bra .. her panty also barely hid here fleshy puffy choot ... her hairy choot was half visible from her panty

and then another head jerk and some invisible hand tore her panty open and revealed madhuris choot .. madhuri let out a loud scream..
as her choot was now out in open it was visible that she had quite a bush there.. but her choot lips were so fleshy and puffy that it were quite visible from between the bush .. now madhuri was standing in middle of a jungle naked .. her bushy choot on display

.. other 3 girls were watching the scene in horror .. terrified to speak .. frozen unable to move .. now after turning her naked madhuri felt that some invisible hands were parting her legs ... she screamed and screamed as those hands parted her legs... after her legs were parted a little she was pushed to the ground ... she fell on ground and tried to cover her nude naked choot with her hand

and now baba took a small stick from the ground and inserted that twig between the legs of madhuris voodoo doll
as soon as he did it some roots erupted from ground from either side of madhuri .. those roots entangled itself around her legs and started pulling her legs in opposite direction .. now madhuris legs were spread wide apart .. her fleshy puffy pussy was wide open ..

and now a bunch of root emerged from ground abt 3 inches thick .. it moved towards her pussy and without any warning entered her pussy .. madhuri let out a loud scream ..imagine a 3 inch thick woody material in her choot .. that bunch of root then came out of her pussy and entered again .. madhuri let out another scream .. and again it came out and again went in .. girls saw that baba was jerking his head up and down and that bunch of wood was getting into madhuris pussy and coming out of it following baba's head jerks .. baba was fucking madhuri with a bunch of sticks ... in and out .. in and out .. madhuri was thoroughly fucked by the roots for abt 20 mins ..
her choot was torn apart by those sticks it started bleeding.. the stick fucking went on till madhuri fell unconcious .. baba left the bunch of roots inserted inside her choot so that he cud resume fucking her when she wakes up again.. so here was madhuri who just wanted to see an aghori , lying naked in middle of a forest .. her legs spread wide open being fucked by a bunch of roots .. her wide spread legs and her open choot filled by cum of trees

now baba looked at jacqueline and tamanna and said .. tum dono ki choot me bhi bohot garmi he na .. ab dekho me kya karta hun.. both girls shivered listening to him..
what happened to them see in next update

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Hi guys .. Wrote a full update but unfortunately phone turned to super power saving mode and whole stuff was lost .. Writing it again
So many people are viewing the thread .. But no appreciation .. Hey guys cumon a few words of appreciation won't hurt you ..
If someone wants some specific slut entered in this story plz suggest .. I have many roles but haven't done final casting yet

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Update 10
Jacqueline and tamanna were shivering with fear .. Sonam had almost fainted ... Now baba looked at tamanna and said : tu ne hi kaha tha us din na ke choot garam thi use Thanda kar diya ... Ab me tujhe batata hu choot ki garmi kise kehte he ..
Tamanna : nahi baba nahi .. Plz hame maaf kar do .. Baba was not listening to her .. He took tamanna's voodoo doll took out a match from his sack lighted it .. And put it between the legs of the voodoo doll and started chanting some mantra .. Slowly the voodoo doll's pussy area started getting black due to the heat and now tamanna's choot started tickling .. She knew what had happened to sonam in last 3 days was now happening to her .. Within seconds her choot was burning like hell ..
tamanna was wearing sexy black pants and her choot was burning inside her hot pants

.. Tamanna now started rubbing her choot from abv her pants .. Sonam saw tamanna and immediately understood that her friend was now in her position .. Sonam pleaded : baba plz meri dost Ko chhor do .. Baba laughed at her face ..
tamanna was now out of control .. she was shouting loud .. due to her pussy on fire her whole body seemed on fire

Tamanna cudnt bear any more .. She pulled her pants down to her knees and in her desperation tore away her black panties .. She was now standing With her pants down and choot exposed

.. only a tee shirt remained onr her body .. she qas naked waist down her choot was exposed and she was rubbing her choot and area around it ferociously

.. Sonam and Jacqueline were seeing this in shock .. Tamanna kept rubbing her choot but its temperature kept increasing ..tamanna pleaded to baba : baba plz mujhe chhor do .. Me mar jaaungi
Baba: arey Teri choot me bohot garmi he na .. Aur garam hone de ise
Tamanna was now vehemently rubbing her choot with her hands ... she now sat down on ground spread her legs a little and started rubbing her choot harder

she pleaded .. Baba ab aur nahi saha jaata .. Plz mujhe chhor do ..
Baba looked at sonam and said : jis tarah mard ke hoton se Teri choot thandi hoti he usi tarah tu jaa aur tere honton se Teri dost ki choot ki aag bujha de ..
Sonam understood what she has to do .. She sat down on her knees .. Tamanna was lying near her rubbing her choot .. She pulled tamanna closer .. Caught hold of her waist pulled her up and turned tamanna towards herself .. Now tamanna's choot was in front of sonams eyes .. That sexy hot choot .. Her pussy lips were staring at sonam in midst of those pubic hair .. Sonam had never seen any other girls choot from that close before .. She closed her eyes and kissed tamanna's choot

.. She didn't like kissing it but she had to help her friend .. The moment sonams lips touched tamanna's choot she started feeling better .. Sonam was for the first time kissing a choot so she was reluctant .. But tamanna needed sonam to suck her choot badly so she got hold of sonams head and by applying pressure buried it in her choot ..

Sonam was now slowly getting used to the aroma of tamanna's choot .. It was now a new chapter in her sexual ordeal .. She had never thought that she will ever touch any other girls choot .. And here she was .. In middle of nowhere her head was buried between the milky and silky white soft thighs of her best friend and she was sucking her choot .. all the while as sonam was licking her tamanna was moaning wildly

..sonam wanted this to end quickly .. So she started sucking her friends choot ferociously ..
she made her lie down and spread her legs .. then sonam buried her head between tamannas legs .. and she sucked tamannas choot in full form

..She was chewing it .. taking gulps of it.. Tamanna was moaning softly .. Tamanna was having a guilty feeling of actually quite enjoying being mouth fucked by sonam.. She was enjoying sonams soft lips on her choot .. She kept burying sonams head on her choot .. Sonam kept sucking hoping that tamanna wud reach her orgasm soon but it ws not to be .. Sonam licked sucked chewed for abt 20 minutes when finally tamanna came and released a lot of juices on sonams face .. Sonam was relieved . she got up quickly .. And tamanna stood there heaving long sighs .. Baba now looks at tamanna and says : par gai choot me thandak ..
Now baba looks at Jacqueline who till now was just a spectator of her friends lesbian act and says to her : ab Teri baari .. Aa shiver goes Down Jacqueline's spine ..
What happened to Jacqueline .. See next update

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Update 11
Jacqueline was too stunned to speak anything as if she had given up and was waiting for her punishment .. The tree they were standing under was a baniyan tree .. Before Jacqueline cud realize two of the hanging roots of the tree had wound itself around Jacqueline's ankles .. And with one jerk of babas head those roots pulled Jacqueline's ankles and she fell on ground with a loud scream ..and now those roots started pulling itself upwards towards the tree and Jacqueline was now hanging upside Down on the tree .. Jacqueline that night was wearing a thigh high flowing frock type white skirt with sexy white top


. As Jacqueline was hanged upside down her skirt slided upwards and was now dangling completely upside down near her waist and jacquelines milky soft white thighs .. One of the best fleshy white thighs were now on full show .. Her white panties hided very little of her pussy .. She had shaved her pussy in the morning and her pussy's pouty lips were making a very sexy camel toe under her panties .. Baba gave a long stare at her pussy area and soon her panty was torn apart by some unknown hands .. Now jacquelines clean shaven fleshy choot was on full display ..Jacqueline who was continuously screaming since she was being hanged upside down had now grown tired of screaming and had given up ...Sonam and tamanna were staring helplessly at their friend .. Baba gave his head a jerk and slowly the roots around Jacqueline's ankles started separating making Jacqueline's legs spread slowly .. Jacqueline started shouting again .. Roots separated till Jacqueline's legs were apart and her choot open .. Now Jacqueline was hanging upside down her legs spread apart choot wide open ready to be fucked in mid air .. But by whom ?? And suddenly without warning a wooden rod looking like a penis dropped from the overhead branch and got inserted in Jacqueline's upside down hanging choot .. Jacqueline let out a loud scream as that rod was very thick .. And now that rod started moving in and out of Jacqueline's choot .. The rod started fucking Jacqueline as if it had a mind of its own .. Jacqueline cudnt believe that she was being fucked hanging upside down from a tree by a wooden stick .. The rod was very thick and every time it entered Jacqueline's pussy she felt that her choot will be torn apart .. Her screams had stopped but the pain hadn't .. The rod kept fucking her for an eternity and kept increasing the tempo till it stopped finally .. The moment the fucking stopped Jacqueline was dropped to the ground .. Jacqueline's choot was paining like hell .. When she looked at it she saw that her choot was bleeding and was bruised all over .. Now baba said :
Ye jhaar meri karm ki jagah he .. Yaha Kai aatmaao ka waas he .. In aatmaao ko khush rakhna parta he .. Aaj tune or is aurat ne , he pointed at madhuri who was still unconscious , Kai aatmaao ko apne shareer ke bhog se khush kar diya ..
The girls were looking at the baba terrified .. He said tu sonam .. Ab ja aur yaad rakhna 7 din 7 mard 7 ling .. 7 din baad mujhse aake milna to me bataunga agle 7 din kya Karna hoga
Then he said to tamanna tune us din bhi mera apmaan kiya tha .. Teri sazaa yahi hogi ke 7 din tak alag alag ladkiyo se ya auraton se Teri choot ko chuswana hoga .. Jis din nahi karegi us din raat to Teri choot me isi tarah ki alag bharkegi or woh shaant hi nahi hogi ..
Then he said to Jacqueline .. Tune inka saathe dekar galti ki .. Tujhe iski sazaa mili aur bhi milegi .. Tujhe Teri dost ke saath agle 3 hafto tak yaha aana hoga aur yaha ki aatmaao ko tera jism ka bhog charana hoga .. Agar tu nahi aai to yaad rakhna Teri ye guriya (voodoo doll) mere paas he .. Isse me tere saathe kucch bhi kar sakta hoo.. To khud hi Aa jaana isme Teri bhalaai he ..
Now he said to the girls .. Chalo niklo yaha se .. Tamanna who got so engrossed in Jacqueline episode that she forgot that her pants were still around her knees quickly wore her pants .. Jacqueline adjusted her skirt .. Her choot was still bleeding and paining like hell .. The girls started moving and came near madhuri to wake her up .. Tamanna took out a water bottle from her bag and sprinkled water on her face .. Madhuri woke up .. Her legs were still spread apart .. The roots were still half inserted in her choot .. Jacqueline removed the roots from her choot .. They helped her on her feet .. They took her salwar which was thrown away when she was being fucked by the roots with them and told her she can wear it in the car .. When they were abt to leave baba shouted :
Ae aurat tu nahi ja sakti
All were shocked and turned around
Baba: is aurat ne mujhe paagal kaha he .. Ise to buhut sazaa bhugatni he
Sonam said .. Baba plz inhe jaane do .. Ye to meri madad ke liye aayi thi..
Madhuri : baba mujhe maaf kar do
Baba : sazaa ke baad hi maafi milegi
Madhuri : plz baba plz ... But before madhuri cud say anything more baba jerked his head and madhuri was pulled towards baba by some unknown force .. As soon as madhuri reached baba he pushed her on the ground.. He kneeled beside her lifted her midriff and made her kneel on her fours like a doggy

What happened next .. Tomorrow in next update

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King Kabir has celebrities hunting for his/her autographKing Kabir has celebrities hunting for his/her autographKing Kabir has celebrities hunting for his/her autographKing Kabir has celebrities hunting for his/her autographKing Kabir has celebrities hunting for his/her autographKing Kabir has celebrities hunting for his/her autographKing Kabir has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
Superb story.....

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