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Originally Posted by Aviansong View Post
Totally agree Sir
It is really exciting for us couples to tease the singles, if they maintain safe and comfortable distance and just enjoy the show.


Originally Posted by lefeu4u View Post
Hello guys,
This incident happened few days back. I walk and jog a few km daily along a ground in Mumbai which is ringed by what in local lingo is called a "katta". The katta is a maybe 2 feet tall concrete platform all along the edge of the ground on which people normally sit to talk and gossip.

The other day, I was around 15 feet away from this katta, when I saw a young couple approach it. The wife would be in her late twenties and the hubby in early thirties and they had one kid of around 3-4 years with them.

The wife was in a pair of superbly fitting skin tight low waist blue jeans showing off the shape of her thighs and ass to perfection coupled with a nice fitting top.

The fun started when they sat on the katta, the wife sat in a manner where each leg was on either side of the katta, like she would sit on a bike, the hubby sat next to her towards direction of her ass in the normal manner with both legs on one side of the katta.
The moment she sat like that with one leg on either side of the katta, her low waist jeans slid down and lo and behold, she wasn't wearing any panties and her sexy ass crack became visible :-) Her hubby was sitting just next to it and could see exactly how much was being shown by her.

I stopped there to enjoy the show, the hubby saw me and I gave him a slight smile. Then she turned her head back a bit to chat with her hubby and obviously he told her about the show and they started to smile and laugh a bit about it.
Then he whispered something to her, and she laughed and adjusted herself in such a way that the jeans slid even lower and part of her milky fleshy butt cheeks were also shown along with the ass crack!
They settled to enjoy the showing, I settled to enjoy the seeing, it was hot :-)

They showed for around 10 minutes, then got up and started walking, I just gave one last smile to them and walked the other way.

Because remember guys, if you start doing things like following them etc, you are making them feel uncomfortable and unsafe and they will never do such things again.

Give our sexy desi couples a safe and comfortable environment, and then see how they will love to expose :-)

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