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Originally Posted by masalabian View Post
Dear Sonu,

10 years is not a long time, having said that, if you started in your early teens then it takes longer to recover. The later you started with porn in your life, the easier it is to recover because the pathway in the brain is not as strong as a person who has done it since his early teens.

I don't want to create a taboo about masturbation here in this thread. Porn induced masturbation and addiction is wrong. The important pieces in the above sentence are porn and addiction.

Now to answer your questions.
Some time i watch porn or images but don't masturbate, still it is creating same chemical in my mind ?
It will not help. Watching porn or images will cause a dopomine surge in your brain (the same effect as taking drugs). So it is immaterial as to whether you masturbate or not. There is still a dopomine surge and your brain is getting desensitized (watch the videos on for a clear explanation about synapses and desensitization). In short, if you are looking to reboot then no porn, no images, no masturbation, no orgasming unnaturally.

Some times during watching porn i play with body parts but not cum still it is same ?
This is termed edging. This doesn't help you reboot either. If you think orgasm is the only culprit here, you are wrong. Everything right from visually getting stimulated by watching porn or images to touching or masturbating (edging) without orgasm, everything causes a dopomine surge in your brain. Your neural pathways are getting stronger and easier for your brain to navigate. So you will never recover if you continue to do this.

Hope this helps. All the best with your rebooting.

Here are some techniques people used while rebooting
When i started it i don't know anything about porn or masturbate, i was doing because it feels better but after 1 or 2 years i came to know what i am doing and what is porn.

I already lowered my internet speed to avoid unnecessary downloads, trying to divert mind when i think about porn but can't control when i go outside see girls / aunty

I don't know it is my bad luck or good luck. the day i stopped masturbate since then girls / aunty showing me accidental boobs show etc

@swon, nice idea, implemented from today

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